Amy Heitland

Amy Heitland

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Published: 23 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We thought we did our homework at the sale when we talked with Amy Heitland and her sons. We handled the horse, rode it around the parking lot and arena-no problem He was billed and verbally supported as SAFE, BROKE, used for all phases of ranch work…and more lies. He rode fine for the first few days then started to jump aside while mounting or any movement when riding. This did not happen initially. The horse finally jumped aside, dumped the would-be rider and just ran full speed around the field. At that point, no one wanted to ride “our KIDS horse”. The next day I worked the horse in the round pen easy and progressively to see where the problem may lie. After 30-34 minutes my husband, a very experienced rider, said he’d like to try him. Since the horse had never gone into crazy bucking, he walked him around and swung up. Immediately, before his foot was in the sturrip, the horse went straight up bucking hard. This was a first and totally unexpected. My husband, without gaining a proper seat or stirrup came off hard as the horse continjued to buck off. I ran up, to find him covered in blood from head would and extremely labored breathing. As an EMT I knew I had to get immediate help. My husband had to be taken by medivac helicopter to the hospital. He wa diagnosed with a concussion, punctured lung, bruised lung,speen and bladder, 8 broken ribs at the spine and a broken collarbone. Further complications arouse when a half gallon of blood/clots had to be drained from between his diaphram and lung. The lung was carefully reinflated at that time. He spent almost two weeks in intensive care and rehab. Four months later, he is still recovering. All of this from a LIE! This would have possibly killed a woman, clild or novice rider- all of the people interested in such a horse as advertised. I don’t know what she used to make the horse so good at first but it is a killer/bucker within days. Friends of ours in Big Sandy had the same sort of experience. When I took the horse back to the sale ring the first thing the owner said was “that’s not a kids horse.” It proved more true as his rodeo rider lunged the horse, which bucked the entire time. Then when the rider got on, the horse snubbed tight and spinning, given rein the horse ran full speed over and over around the arena. His head pulled up to prevent bucking. The riders comment “only a real cowboy could ride that horse”. The pain my husband has suffered every day and night since the accident is unimagineable. His lungs and breathing will take many more months to possibly recover. In the meantime the pain has prevented a normal life, no work, ongoing doctor visits and a family that misses the man we all loved. Constant pain will change a person. Amy Heitland needs to be stopped and held accountable. Anyone else that causes injury through concious and premeditated lying pays a price= jail time!

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