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Published: 27 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous Scam Alert for this Businesses. | Scam Alert for this Businesses. | | SCAM ALERT: Attorney Heather Horwitz Nelson, Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm!! | She was involved in a case in Houston, Texas in 2018 where the 2 couples had been living together for over 10years and had 3 small children. | The mom took all the money out of the 1bank account they shared. Attorney Heather Horwitz Houston Texas was giving $10,000 to start the case and right away she starts asking for cash to be put in her personal bank account! red flag. Scam!! | Then she started demanding that he pay $750 toward the process server who never served the party in question. I wish i could get paid for trying to do my job but Heather is a Con-Artist!! | 1) Per Serve. Some servers only charge you if they actually serve the paper. | You don’t pay if they don’t get it served. … If a process server tells you they only get paid if the papers get served, run. | The couple goes to mandatory mediation. | Scam 3 Heather Horwitz needed my friend to call as many friends he could to show he was good to his children. He contacted the school where he volunteered for a sports leagues for small children. He contacted his church where he took the 3 kids on Sundays by himself. He even contacted the mom of his first child. He even called a friend who worked with homeland security and the IRS. In mediation, Heather had over 20 people to call. | NOT 1 OF THESE PARTIES WAS CONTACTED IN THE MEDIATION!! Heather Horwitz is a Scam Artist along with this attorney: Heahter got tired of the cash and got this attorney involved to start taking thousands of dollars. Not 1 receipt was provided. | hereby Authorize Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm PC, 8140 Spring Cypress Spring, Texas 77379-7702 | Tel: (281) 803-5850 / Fax: (281) 803-5851, [email& 160;protected] to run my credit card number _________________________________ | in the amount of $ 4,500.00 Four Thousand Five hundred dollars and NO/100 for legal fees and expenses associated with my pending family law case in Harris County, Texas | that Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm, PC is doing legal work along with my attorney of record Heather Horwitz Nelson Attorney at Law. | Scam Alert for these attorneys: | Heather Horwitz 4900 Woodway Dr 825, Houston, TX 77056 | Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm PC, He got ripped off in mediation because he was told because she took the money out of the bank account first you lose all of it. All of the saving and checking. This is what Attorney Heather Horwitz informed him after he paid her cash in her personal account that was almost $30,000!! | We already let the IRS know about this situation. Not 1 receipt for any of her service was given. She lied and said she would send an itemized receipt for service but never did. She took the money and ran!! This was a Con in Houston Texas Beware or Heather Horwitz or Attorney Heather Nelson & Amy Thomas Perez Law Firm Pc Houston Texas!! | We also filed a formal complaint with the State Bar Association!!! Divorce is bad but when you get Scammed by your friend’s attorney that’s tough so we are letting everyone know to pick another family attorney or you will be running around putting cash in Heather Horwitz personal account so she can rip you off!! Dr Barry Horwitz was friends with the party involved and we know 100% Dr. Barry Horwitz didn’t teach her to STEAL!! She took the money and ran: | Ms. Heather Francine Horwitz – Not Eligible to Practice in Texas | Administrative Suspension Hope this stays this way!! | This attorney has been suspended by the State Bar of Texas for an Administrative reason. The suspension may be the result of one or more of the following: | Failure to pay Inactive or Active Membership Dues | Failure to pay Attorney Occupational Tax | MCLE requirements non-compliance | Texas Guaranteed Student Loan Default | Failure to pay Child Support | Failure to take A Guide To The Basics Of Law Practice course | For more information, please contact the State Bar of Texas Membership department at (800)204-2222 ext. 1383 | They also had him pay the mom directly for child support even though everyone said we should not pay the mom directly for child support but because they did not care what will happen later they just wanted this case to be over so they could move on to the next family! Paid the mom directly and was told to put on the check for Child Support and now the Attorney General said unless the mom agrees that this was for child support you are behind at this stage of the game. | The attorney general said no attorney should ever advise you to pay the mom directly for child support that’s what we are here for. Pick another family law attorney besides Heather Horwitz and Amy Thomas Perez because they will waste your time and money! Scam Alert for all famalies in Houston Texas!! They work together as a team ripping families off!!

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