An Impostor Veteran

An Impostor Veteran

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Published: 01 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

They sent me a misleading email and made me lose my military man lover with wrong email and information then ended up scamming money from me in pursuit of a fake investigation : | Im a veteran of USMC maybe this will help. Your soldier can give you his email. If he tells you he cant he is lying. If he says he is on a mission and was told they cannt give out their email its a lie.the military email will be, not gmail or yahoo or Hotmail. Their military address will have APO or FPO in it. | If you are told to send mail, money or packages to an agent then he is a fake.The UN does NOT have Dr’s in Syria. If any ‘military’ person contacts you and asks for iTunes or gift cards they are FAKE. If they want money they are FAKE. All soldiers have access to their pay, free food, free medical, free uniforms, free Internet, your soldier can video chat, free skype and calls, free beds. | You do not need to fill out papers for him to go on leave nor do you need to pay for a replacement to come do his job while he is on leave. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A FIANCEE FORM & YOU do not have to pay any $ to his/her Commander. His kid is not in africa at a boarding school. | Their kids and spouse get free medical through TRICARE. They are not stationed in nigeria. You don’t need to send money to an ‘agent’ in africa. Do not accept a package that has gold bars, jewelry or money. They are FAKE they will only keep giving excuses like it is stuck in customs, you need to pay more money for taxes etc. Don’t believe them, the boxes don’t exist. | Do not give them your personal info esp your home or work address. You don’t want these animals knowing where you live or work. Do not give them your SSN. Do not give them your bank or credit card info, they will take out loans in your name and drain your acct. | Do not open bank accts for them, do not cash checks for them, do not allow them to wire money into your acct ( it’s from a closed acct or stolen money). They will pressure you into withdrawing the money They will pressure you into withdrawing the money before the bank can validate if the money is fraudulent or good. | Do not accept to pick up money from Money Gram or Western Union then forward it to another person, you are being used as a mule & money laundry, it’s illigal and you will go to prison while they go free. Do not purchase iTunes or gift cards for them. They sell them for a profit. I’m a USMC veteran so I’m trying to tell you things so you won’t be scammed. | I have been scammed by civilians but not fake military since I knew military protocol. If they get shot or hurt while on base or on duty they are taken care of. Even off duty. If you have a Q pls google it or call the recruiter in your town. We signed a contract to do a job we can’t change our minds and quit halfway through.Step back and take a breath. | If these businessmen who always travel are so smart then why do they need our help? They also have access to their money and bank. They can contact their business. Why aren’t they traveling with traveler’s ins in case of Why aren’t they traveling with traveler’s ins in case of emergencies, health issues, theft etc. | Think about it. Don’t let them pressure you. This info is for everyone not just military. Pls feel free to share it…

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