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Those bastards gave me the wrong product!

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Published: 16 November 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

After driving through sharp pieces of glass scattered on the road, all of the tires got flattened. As I had not gotten a change of wheels since I brought my car, I decided to get a new set of wheels. I did not want to go to the authorized service centre as they charge a lot of money for mediocre products. At that time, I searched online for a nearby tire and wheels shop and found out about Anaheim Wheel & Tire. The official website boasted of a range of tires and wheels priced suitably (I came to know later that this was only to attract customers’ attention). I figured that it would be better if I go down to the shop myself and select appropriate wheels and tires for the car. I also did not know much about tires or wheels and thus I thought that the assistance would help me. I looked up the timings and planned to visit the place that coming weekend.

I went to the place as planned in my car. I called an employee and told him that I was looking to get a new set of wheels. It seemed as if he had better things to do since he showed me his hand signalling me to wait. I had to wait for forty-five minutes before he came back. He came with a catalogue and told me to select the wheels myself. I told him that I did not have much of an idea. On hearing this, he called out another employee who helped me out. I understand that businesses depend on profits but it should also be noted that the budget of different customers varies. The guy who was helping me select the tires was suggesting to me as well as the other customer to go for the most expensive ones. I had to tell him for the third time that I was looking for something less expensive. After the third time, he finally understood my point and started showing me the less expensive options. It took me half an hour to come across the set of wheels that I decided to go for. I was told that the prices mentioned on the websites were exclusive of all taxes and that I would need to pay taxes which will increase the price of the wheels that I had selected. Since I did not have much of a choice, I gave him a nod along with the keys of my cars. I requested him to be careful with my car and in return, I was assured that nothing would happen.

After two weeks, I got a call from Anaheim Wheel & Tire and I was told to come and collect the car. When I went to the place and saw my car, I was shocked to find the rims of the tires were of a different design than I had selected and moreover, they were rusty and seemed old. When I asked about why my car had those installed, I was told that it was the only set that was compatible with the car.

I knew that they were bullshitting me and since I did not want to cause a scene, I drove out of there. I will never forget what Anaheim Wheel & Tire did to my car. I would not recommend anyone to even eye the place for anything, let alone go there.

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