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My pets condition worsened due to their treatment

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Published: 11 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Pets are valued companions of humans and we must take care of them and their health in every possible way. When we adopt an animal it becomes our responsibility to monitor its health and take proper care because our pet is nothing less than our child. My dog and cat had been sick for a while now and I was looking for a good veterinary clinic to get them treated. My neighbour suggested to me Anamosa veterinary clinic and I was utterly disappointed with their treatment towards my dog and cat. I suggest that you should shop around when you are looking for a vet because it\’s hard to get satisfactory results. I went in for my appointment and the staff at Anamosa Veterinary Clinic was a huge turnoff. They are unkind and not well trained. I wanted a doctor who would care for my dog and cat because they have a lot of medical issues. They were short of doctors that day and instead of rescheduling our appointment they compressed everyone in. We didn’t even get to see the vet because the vet assistant came and took the animals with him to the examination room. He took them in and got back in less than 10 minutes. They didn’t even give them their routine shots properly. I have never been to a vet before where they don’t allow the owner of the pet inside the examination room to see their pet getting the shots. My cat is old and her health is not in good condition so I wanted to see the vet myself to discuss the details and wanted a full exam. They just gave her routine shots and I still had to pay the full price as if I got a full exam. My primary reason to go see a vet was that I wanted my dog and cat to get some proper vaccinations but they did not have any proper shots of them. I went in to complain that I need to get a full examination and I have even paid for it but the lady on the front desk was extremely rude to me and argued that I will have to schedule another appointment if I want to get a full examination. My dog had a severe reaction to the shots they administered. He is throwing up and has been lethargic. I called in to ask some questions about what to do and what not to do but they never answered any questions and hung up in a minute or two. I had to pay and see another vet get full examinations and x-rays. My dog is supposed to have surgery next week and because of the delay in the treatment, his condition has worsened all thanks to Anamosa Veterinary Clinic. I dropped a good amount of dollars at their clinic and still brought my pets back in a horrible condition. Look for another vet if you care about your pets. I am not going to do business with them anymore.

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