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Published: 09 March 2020

Posted by: wmohan

Hi, On 24th March around 0742 pm, I take away cheese naan set from your Serangoon Road outlet to Tampines, I reached home and my son started eating and he told me that this is plain naan, and my wife and her mother tasted and told the same, We did not eat it and we dispose it. When I call back, your manager check with the chef he confirmed, it was cheese naan, from my end, it is confirm, this was not cheese naan. I requested to get replacement on the same day, and your manager told me that the delivery guys has left, so he agreed to provide on the next day 25th March 6pm they will deliver to my house. I was a bit rude over the phone, because I was very upset, my boy was waiting for the food, he ended up eating bread that night. My apologies for that. We have been visiting your outlets many years, and concerning food quality there is no complaint, offcourse, as customer we are not convinced with the pricing and the service quality. Yesterday, at 635 pm, when I called again, the person who answered the call was very rude to me telling that they provide the cheese naan originally and when I ask him when 6 pm the food was not delivered, he shouted and told me that the food will be at your place between 6 pm and 7 pm (this was not told me on the previous day). When I inform him that I will sure make a complaint, he challenged me and told me that you don’t shout ‘go ahead and do it’ I am not going to deliver the food etc. He also shouted at me and asked me that why you throw the food, you should have kept it as proof. which is even very bad service. We did receive the replacement food yesterday, we really can see the cheese inside the naan. It seems if we look back, we have noticed the service quality of your staff has been worsen drastically. I hope that this message will reach the management will take this into consideration and take the necessary action. Regards Mohan Warrier

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