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Anderson Signature Homes

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Published: 13 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Allow me to give you all some first hand advice that will certainly save you LOTS of heartache in the future if you were to sign ANY paperwork with the Contractor associated with this company. DO NOT I say DO NOT EVER SIGN a CONTRACT with Anderson Signature Homes if you know whats good for you !! Why you ask… Because I did last Nov. 2019 and we closed this past Jun. 05, 2018 prior to completion with the Guarantee that everything would be completed on the Punch List… Well today is July 29, 2018 almost 2 months later… We still DO NOT have our Front Door installed that was signed for in the Contract. We instead have a USED DOOR ON THE FRONT OF OUR HOME NOT EVEN PAINTED THE COLOR THAT WAS SPECIFIED BY THE CONTRACT !! We still have damaged Hardwood Flooring not replaced. We are still missing 14 screens for all our windows. The builder did send a man to measure ALL the windows however that was several weeks ago but still NO SCREENS. Also he measured the FRONT DOOR so we could have the PROPER FRONT DOOR installed IAW THE CONTRACT however that was several weeks ago also. MANY other Punch List items that Tim Anderson WILL NOT even address… The drawers in the kitchen cabinets as far as I am concerned are Substandard because they have NOT worked properly since installation !! They are supposed to close on there own after being given a slight push. Some worked a couple times then quit until they were re-adjusted. The Wallboard work and painting is Substandard… I believe he had an elementary school child perform those skills. There were several electrical problems when we closed on the house. The sod that was laid in the front yard prior to closing half of it was already dying. The side yards and back yards where no sod was laid was a total mess because of his workers leaving construction pieces plus yard debris and several uneven areas made by there tractor blade or bucket. With the daily severe rain storms the side and back yards were washing away big time because he did nothing to prevent it. I immediately had to spend $3000 to sod and seed those areas to keep my septic drain field from washing away. I asked the contractor for someone to come in and put some extra coats of paint on some of my walls on the interior because it was obvious they painted some of my house in the LATE HOURS of the day when it was nearing dusk. And there was NO way they could tell that they were not getting sufficient coats of paint on the walls. If I had only knew of this website prior to asking this PATHETIC COMPANY TO BUILD MY HOME I would not be living in Georgia right now. I would still be living happily back in Jacksonville, Fl trust me. I only wish I knew of a way to get even with this pathetic company who screwed me out of tens and tens of thousands of dollars. I would certainly do it in a heartbeat. Bottom line the Contractor does NOT come back to fix HIS errors after he collects HIS paycheck from YOU !! Hence YOUR SCREWED !! And then he does the same to the next $200,000 customer… And pockets his money… All I can tell you Tim Anderson is KARMA IS COMING YOUR WAY !!! By the way get your trash off the corner of MY PROPERTY ASAP IF YOU KNOW WHATS GOOD FOR YOU !!!

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