Andrea Urrutia

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Andrea Urrutia is a husband stealer

Ladies, be vary of this scamming skank Andrea Urrutia from Whittier, California. She met my husband at his class reunions that he attended at El Rancho. She is a predator looking for a man and don’t let her charm fool you. She is herself a victim of a cheating spouse but she doesn’t mind doing that to other woman by stealing their man.
She says that she is a born-again. The fact is that she will sleep with anyone who is ready to have her, she won’t care if they are married or not.
She slept with my husband’s best friend and then when his interest in her faded, she moved on to prey on my husband. The scumbag even went out with us socially. She said all nice things about my husband and me, all the while being his side bitch.
The woman has low morals and won’t stop at using her daughters to extract money from the moron of a husband. The husband too was stupid enough to pay her money while he should have been using it for his own family.
To all women out there, reunions is not an innocent place where nothing wrong can happen to you but it is a place filled with predators like Andrea, beware. There will always be pigs like Andrea in such places who are whore and bitches rolled into one and who will pimp themselves, a really bad combination. I trust Karma to return her the favor and will wait for that day.

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