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The therapist is a pervert!!!

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Published: 14 September 2019

Posted by: Kate Middleton

A lot of people suffer from spinal problems. It all starts with slight pain and raises up to serious disorders. I have a medical background so I take care of these small issues before they turn into something big. Lately, I was having pain in my lower back specifically the spine so I was scared and decided to consult a therapist as soon as possible. I decided to choose the best but unfortunately, I chose the worst for myself. Andresen Active Healthcare is the one I’m talking about. They claim to be experts for spine treatments but they are nothing like they claim. I chose them by visiting their website which is very persuasive; trust me. I needed my back pain to be cured and the sooner the better. But Andresen Active Healthcare did not let that happen. They were not interested in giving me an appointment in the first place. All the excuses were lame but I ignored them thinking that there might be some problem. I finally got an appointment for two days. The overall environment of the clinic was depressing like it made me feel like I am watching some depressing drama. The therapist was quite a characterless person if you ask my honest opinion. He literally checked me out as if I was there on a date with him. At first, I thought the therapist was drunk or had some drugs before the therapy. This made me change my therapist to a female one. Upon asking the receptionist to change my therapist, she persuaded me to go on with the therapist. He apologized for what I felt because of him. The therapy started and the exercises were quite unusual for me. I am not aware of the exercises so questioning the method was not my call. He was continuously making me do exercises for legs and the reason was lame as fuck. He said the lower back is linked to the legs so working on the legs will cure the pain for the lower back. This was the first time I felt the whole therapy session insane. After I guess 15 minutes, I started feeling like the therapist had no motive of curing my lower back. He was hitting on me constantly and by the end of 15 minutes, I stormed out of the therapy room. I complained about him but there was no action for that. The whole team was calming me down and defending the therapist. Andresen Active Healthcare charged me a fortune for the lower back therapy and all I got was a characterless pervert. Obviously, you cannot judge the character of a person but if you feel awkward around your therapist or consultant, leave the place immediately. Do not give them a chance if they apologize. Places like Andresen Active Healthcare are filled with people like my therapist who want to make money and hit on every second patient they have. Please consider the review and beware of such clinics.

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