Andrew Burd

Andrew Burd

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Published: 04 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I met Andrew Burd online in 2018 and attempted to work with him on his Car Insurance and Mortgage Ad business. It started out OK till he got my money then things quickly changed. It became difficult over time getting in touch with him, he never returned calls or emails; he left me hanging. He always seemed very Sketchy when trying to communicate with him, never wanted to meet in person- always on Skype. He claimed his Craigu2019s List Real Estate software was pulling in thousands per week and he was going to be opening offices up all across the US u2018 what a joke. It did not work as he stated and did not make any money. If you Google u201cAndrew Burdu201d, it looks like he may have other possible members/associates (Family?) involved as well. Andrew Burd is doing his Scams all across the US under various names and aliases u2013Andrew James Burd, Andy Burd, Andrew A Burd, SmartDudeAndrew. It looks like he has lived in various locations across the US doing these very similar scams u2018 Issaquah WA, North Bend, WA, Arlington, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, San Diego, CA, and Las Vegas, NV Andrew Burd,(Tim Burd ,Barbara Burd) affiliations include World Wide Promoting LLC, Webvertise, Inc. , Nextgenads, Inc., Best Legal Cash LLC, Advertise Inc. etc. Apparently u201cAndrew Burdu201d is into u201cTime Share Scamsu201d as well. Found this article while researching Scams/Andrew Burd on Google. Andrew Burd Be on the lookout for timeshare resale phonies May 14, 2018 by Lisa Lake Consumer Education Specialist, Federal Trade Commission ialmostgotscamm… | January 30, 2018 One of the worst scammers Iu2019ve come across is a fellow named Andrew Burd. Spoke to this fraudster on the phone several times regarding a deal at the MGM signature which he advertises on his website. He fast talks with the worst of them and is slimier than the moss he slithers in. DONT TRUST THIS GUY WITH YOUR MONEY and DONT TRUST HIM AT ALL. Heu2019s a convicted fraudster and will run with your money. I spoke to him regarding a “timeshare” deal he was soliciting and could just smell the scam. DON’T TRUST ANDREW BURD, HE’LL SCAM YOU. Basically everything that this person u201cLoren Rederu201d has said about Andrew Burd is true from my experience in dealing with Andrew. Andrew Burd is an absolute u201cSCAM ARTISTu201d. I am forwarding this info to Las Vegas PD. Martin

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