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Class As and Children, CV Resume Fraud, Fiddling the Books, Santo Daime UK Arrests, Witness Tampering, Death Threats

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Published: 13 September 2020

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Andrew Davis and Angela Davis of 5 Rowley Road Glastonbury stopped laughing when they were told to stop giving their children Class A’s or receive a visit from the child welfare authority. Also involved in abusing babies and children by dosing them with drugs, they were involved in lying to cover up the truth about threatening to cripple witnesses to Courts and then poking fun at them, slandering them as mentally sick and deranged. Later it was arranged to add witnesses to Court cases to gay porn sites in violation of GDPR, some of the sites were gay porn sites featuring underage boys.

Adrian Freedman and Andrew Davis found it hilarious and arranged for people to taunt a Court Witness with 356 counts of nasty humiliation, he stopped laughing when he lost all his Court cases and police started smashing doors in finding banned substances and dragging people away in handcuffs. They stopped laughing after his friends had to do prison time for trafficking in substances.

He stopped laughing when his reputation was smeared in response to his people humiliating family members of Court witnesses and making doorstep threats of murder whilst drunk and high on banned substances.

He stopped laughing when one individual, a documented member of the Santo Daime Church with full membership papers, faces 12-15 years behind bars for aggravated drug trafficking amongst various other criminal charges including absconding from bail, threatening witnesses with being smeared as mentally sick peodophiles, making death threats, posting death threats and malicious defamation.

Andrew Davis stopped laughing when he realized that his big mouth started what will probably go down as the biggest disaster in the Santo Daime Church since the inception of the movement in Brazil.

Andrew Davis had to stop giving his kids Class A drugs or have them taken into state custody and was advised to tidy up his act in business dealings.

After tanking 100, 000 on a doomed venture caused by bad directorship and decisions clouded by taking too many Class A drugs, redirecting employee bonuses and holiday pay into ayahuasca retreats for Eastern Europeans and his family (and kids).

Andrew Davis was also referred to HMRC for concerns around his accounting practices, a shareholder with the majority of control forced him to close Happy Snacks. In the end he had to close down his venture Happy Snacks, he then in the end had to pay back the bonus he cheated his employee out of. Andrew Davis was caught out lying on a CV, his business named Gourmet Raw made catastrophic losses for his role in constructively dismissing an employee when he found out his cult named Santo Daime was involved in giving Class A drugs.

Andrew Davis and his group thought wrongly accusing someone for tax fraud was smart but then it turned out Davis failed to pay HMRC contributions for an employee, failed to document them, pocketed the money for himself and then tried to portray his past employee never worked for him and was a sick liar. Andrew Davis is on friendly terms with an organization with a track record of malicious intimidation of witnesses including defaming them as sick peodophiles and rapists.

No-one involved in Class A drugs and kids wants to be remotely involved in threatening people with violence, or with being smeared online. Andrew Davis stopped laughing when he was told to keep his mouth closed when it comes to kids and Class A’s. Andrew Davis stopped laughing when he was told to expect a HMRC investigation.

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