Andrew Jefferson, MD

He should be thrown in jail. He is a negligent eye surgeon.

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Published: 26 June 2019

Posted by: Angelica

Dr. Andrew Jefferson did a LASIK surgery on my wife, which caused her vision to deteriorate considerably. She had gotten the procedure done so that she’d no longer need to wear glasses but thanks to the foolishness and carelessness of Dr. Jefferson, she needs a lot more than glasses for her vision. She needs another treatment to treat the complications Dr. Jefferson left her with. We had checked out Dr. Jefferson before choosing to get the treatment from him.

He seemed like a really trustworthy and reliable doctor at first. In fact, I couldn’t believe that he did such a terrible job at first. I realized the truth once I understood that he was the only reason why my wife’s vision was deteriorating so fast and dangerously. Her current doctor says that she might have lost her vision completely if we hadn’t taken any action. And regarding Dr. Jefferson, he had told us that her deterioration in vision was temporary and it wasn’t a big deal. He lied to us. It’s either that or he is ignorant. He doesn’t know anything about eye diseases and surgery and yet he claims to be an expert. I don’t think this guy should be allowed to run a clinic of this sort.

When we had visited his clinic, everything seemed okay. The procedure was successful at the time and both of us were very happy to be done with this. But after a few weeks of the procedure, my wife complained that she couldn’t read the paper properly. A few weeks further, she got scared one day and started telling me that she might be losing her eyesight. She was a little afraid of the laser eye surgery at first so I thought it was natural for her to be a little scared. But I didn’t think her fears would come true. She was hesitating to undergo the surgery. It was I who persuaded her to get the LASIK done. We contacted Dr. Jefferson when she got really scared and paranoid about her eyesight. That bastard told us that it was alright and we shouldn’t worry. He was lying! He didn’t know anything. He just told us to calm down so I wouldn’t grab his collar and ask him what he did to my wife. He didn’t want to admit that he had done a horrible surgery. Anyway, I took her to another doctor who did a checkup and told us that she was suffering from post-op vision deterioration. This meant a mistake during the surgery was causing her to lose vision gradually. She will be getting treated for this condition. If we had relied on the opinion of Dr. Jefferson, I’m pretty sure that my wife would’ve lost her ability to see completely. This guy is a moron, an idiot and it’s pretty clear to me that he shouldn’t be running a clinic. Don’t make the mistake I made and avoid this guy.

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