Andy's Auto Sport AKA Rip-Off Artists and Scammers

Andy's Auto Sport AKA Rip-Off Artists and Scammers

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Published: 26 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Do not ever do business with these people. The first order that we placed was for a customer of ours. We placed the order with a delivery status of COD which they told us we could do. After three weeks of not receivng the product, we called them (they never called us). They told us that they do not do COD even though they told us yes on the first phone call, FIRST LIE!!! We placed the same order again (12/10/02)and this time paid at the time of purchase using a debit card to expidite the order. We explained to Eric (the owner by word of his employees, though he denies that he is)that we needed to have it by (12/16/02)or our customer was going to cancel the order. Eric said that it was no problem so we placed the order. They took the money from my account right away on the 11th of December. Monday came and we didn’t have it (2nd LIE!!!)We called back on Tuesday and spoke with a Jalal(?) He told us that it was not even shipped!!! We told him to cancel the order because they voided it by not holding to their shipping date like they promised and now we lost our customer because of this. We told him to refund the money ASAP. Thursday came (12/19/2002) and we still didn’t have our refund back. We called back and Eric said there was nothing they could do because it was already shipped. I have proof from Yellow Freight Lines and they shipped something(I still don’t know what since I have not received anything)on the 18th. This was one day AFTER I called to cancel the order. Now trying to reach someone is next to impossible. They lie about not being in the office. If I got off the phone with Eric literally two seconds before one of my associates called they said he was not in which would be impossible! Everything they state is that their policy is no refunds. There are disclaimers in their policy for example {if the order is not a special order item and it is cancelled before shipment there will not be any chargers or penalties} My order was NOT a special order item and I was told that it was in-stock when I placed the order. It was also cancelled before it was shipped. Now they tell me that it was not in-stock and they had to mold it from fiber-glass. Eric lied about the original COD, he lied about being able to get the item to us by a certain date, he lies about being in the office, he answers the phone pretending to be someone else so that he doesn’t have to talk to the consumer, he lies about the status of the orders, he interprets his refund policy as he sees fit. I could go on and on about the lies that he has told to us….. We were very clear about our stipulations before placing the order or we would never have ordered it. They tell you ANYTHING you want to hear just to get you to give your money to them and then they completely screw you over. Stay very clear of these peoplebut !!!! THEY ARE NOTHING BUT ROTTEN SCAMMERS AND LIARS!!! Custom Factory Installations Attn: Lee Glass Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaU.S.A.

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