Anessa Renn

Anessa Renn

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Published: 22 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

Anessa Renn is one of the most unprofessional Independet Living workers I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Not only is she inexperienced flaunting as the most knowledgeable person walking the planet, but she has also been caught in lies, ripped a family apart just to cause drama and gang up on someone (because of religious discrimination) with her friend. She lets friendships and relationships dictate how she does her job, rather than conducting her job from an objective point of view. She made comments about a protected-class member stating that she likes to “help the misfits.” She shared confidential information about a case with her friend, which caused undue harm to the young person she was assigned to. She spread false stories about a woman, which cause problems not only at the school of the young person, but also within the family of the young person. Ulimately, her actions caused a girl who was in a stable family with people that loved her to move out and in with a woman who never left the high school mindset and has caused more problems in 1 month than the young person has had in five years. It is not acceptable from someone who has a career “helping people” to play God and think that they know what is best for a person. Additionally, it is not acceptable for her to act so immaturely, spreading rumors, being rude to someone based on their religious beliefs, and making discirminatory remarks about a member of a protected class. Northumblerand County Independent Living should be very ashamed to have Anessa Renn on their payroll. She should be conducting her job… not getting involved in personal details of the lives of the people she is assigned to… encouraging a student to run away from their family to live with a family (friends of Anessa Renn) that is more lax in their rules (ie. letting the student go out with her daughters and conduct vandalism and get caught by the police). Additionally, how unprofessional is it to spread slander about the original family of the student? The ones who took in the student and cared for her as their own for 5+ years? Relgious discrimination and bullying is just as reprehensible as racial discrimination and bullying. Both of which Anessa Renn has participated in within this one incident. I shudder to think what the rest of her assigned case load is dealing with with her. If you have a son or daughter assigned to Anessa Renn, I would strongly suggest you remove them from her case immediately. She fills their heads with garbage and is not teaching them about the real world at all. She is teaching them pettiness, drama, dishonesty, and to run away and quit when life gets tough.

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