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Published: 03 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Angel Oak Funding, now called Angel Oak Home Loans: Wish I could vote for no stars. This has been the worst experience ever for a loan. Now this is an investor loan and I know it would take a bit more, but I’ve done this before. Pearce Spurlin and Robert Mulcahy have been very inconsistent with their stories. I’m still trying to close after starting on May 19, 2014. How could a lender who says they make investor loans not know that if you have more than 4 loans you need to go another route. I did, but he Robert Mulcahy and Pearce Spurlin both said naw don’t worry we can do the loan. Well after what seemed like an endless amount of loan documentation they tell me they need to go through another investor, not telling me the very reason the loan was turned down was because I had more than 4 loans. I had to write the BBB before they would respond to me. I think they may just be this incompetent. Now today, the Mary Ann Amistead, the Sales Associate ask me have I changed the name on the title from my llc name to my name. Well, you never asked me to do so and Pearce Spurlin told me it would be taken care of at closing. So here were are nearly 4 months later and I don’t have a loan. Should I just cut my losses because now it appears they are just dragging me along because they can’t close. GAREIA investors beware. .

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