Angel Orrantia

Angel Orrantia man-handles escorts and call girls

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Published: 21 July 2017

Posted by: Nathan R. Just

First of all, Angel is a name of a man, yes he is a man, but he is the opposite of what his name means. This man is a DEVIL. He has AIDS, he is HIV positive, and I don’t know if that is because of too much sex or is it just because of health. He works for Innopartners LLC, and he is married, he also has children, but for some reason he is obsessed with escorts and call girls, he calls them around the Bay area almost everyday.
Angel routinely uses the service of escorts. He has unusual, rather weird desires. His demand is basically for young, short and petite girls who can always be in his control, and he can feel superior infront of them. During intimacy, he subjects them to harsh treatment, treats them roughly and degrades them for being a call girl. It is only a matter of time before one hears of a call girl being either dead or injured, by Angel Orrantia.
His weird fetishes include having the call girls use the bathroom infront of him, and no its now about taking a shower, he likes to watch them poop on the toilet. He is a complete freak!! All the more he is an awful tipper. He pays pebbles or sometimes even nothing to the escorts, no tips nothing. All you girls in the escort business, be very careful of this man, my last suggestion to you.

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