Angier Ames (Angier Moseley Ames)

Angier Ames Drugged and Raped me for 3 Days!

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Published: 27 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Angier Ames (Angier Moseley Ames) is a polite and well-spoken person who turns into a monster when you are alone at his isolated Healdsburg, CA home where no cel phones work. We briefly dated and Angier Ames invited me to his home. As soon as I arrived he showed me 2 jump ropes and said he would tie me up with them. I then started losing consciousness after he gave me a drink. My body was numb and I was blacking out for hours. He then gave me PCP without me knowledge. I was choking and he just sat there. Angier then gave me roofies. Every time he gave me a drink I would black out. From what I recall, Angier Ames raped me 12 times. He even left me paralysed on his bed for over 8 hours and he would come in the room with a big grin and he looked very happy. My chest hurt and I thought I would have a heart attack. It’s been 4 months and my chest still hurts periodically. I asked Angier Ames if he was trying to kill me and he said he was giving me pleasure. I fell on the floor 6 times. I could not escape because I would blank out, have seizures (which I still have after Angier drugged me) I was falling and losing my memory and my body was numb. My doctor said Angier Ames gave me a strong anaesthetic with which you feel nothing and remember very little. It is used for colon surgery. Then after all that I endure for THREE DAYS Angier Ames had the audacity to tell me to water his plants in a condescending way. He has been arrested several times and he told me his ex girlfriend who is a nurse reported him to the police for hitting her. STAY AWAY from Angier Ames who is a MONSTER rapist with a short temper and unstable personality. He will hit, drug, yell and rape you if you come in contact with this POSSESSED BEAST!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and he was hitting me with his elbow and knee.

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