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Published: 12 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Never – I repeat never, trust your pets with “Animal Hospital of Waco”. This place gave me the worst experience ever, from choosing my pet to unfortunately bringing my pet for a serious illness to this hospital. This all started after I shifted to Chilton for my higher studies. As I had always lived in a joint family living alone in Chilton was no easy task for me despite all the study and work stress, I started working part-time at Tim Horton a week after I shifted to this place, I used to immensely miss my family. Due to the isolation, which was quite perceptible on my face one day a friend of mine on a routine Friday lunch, on which our whole friend\’s group united, advised me that I should keep a pet for me. At the moment I didn’t pay attention to what she said and ignored it in a joke but later that day when I was in bed thinking about what happened the whole day I thought about that idea and found it pretty cool. While searching, I found a place called “Animal Hospital of Waco” which was a complete quipped hospital with information on how to adopt a pet. The ratings were pretty good and such a coincidence I saw its ad in the newspaper the day I arrived at Chilton. I researched about everything thoroughly and was sure I was getting an exotic shorthair cat the very next day. I had read all the specifications on how to manage it and what it feeds on and was pretty confident to take the challenge. Fast forward 1 month I was all happy with my cat, feeling much better when one day my cat developed a tumour in her leg. This was very shocking news for me and I wanted to give the best treatment to my pet so took a 3-hour long drive from Chilton to Taco for the best treatment. As soon as I reached there I was very satisfied that they will give Oreo (my cat) the best treatment but I was disappointed when I met the doctor for the first time. He told me the tumour had developed due to the specific kind of fish, Tuna, Oreo had been feeding on. The doctor’s voice sounded pretty weird to me as when I was looking for specification on this hospital website of what an exotic shorthair cat fed tuna was considered to be the best food for them and that’s the reason I gave her tuna thrice a week. Anyways I left my grief on a side and was ready to help Oreo to escape from the disease as it could be fatal on the stage Oreo was. The doctor gave me a huge list of medicines to give my cat and assured me Oreo would be fine. With this, she sent me back home. I was also asked to get a CT scan done the following week but from the same hospital. Two weeks and I had travelled twice for this. Before the CT scan, the medicine was working very good but after the scan, the condition started to worsen. I called the doctor that was handling the case and was ready to visit the hospital again but she once again assured me that it’s the part of the treatment. 3 weeks into this all and Oreo was no more in the world. The tumour had eaten him all up. I went into complete shock and was lonely back again,
After the investigation I did, I came to know that everything happened due to that unprofessional and negligent doctor and hospital both. First of all, she gave Oreo the wrong medicine and then secondly she prescribed me to get a CT scan done from the same hospital of which scan machine was emitting unhealthy rays, just for the sake of money. For them, they chose money over an animal’s life but for me, they took away my world. I still believe it was my fault too that I trusted them twice.

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