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Published: 24 February 2018

Posted by: Valerie

I joined the Animal Research Foundation and had registered all my Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs through the A.R.F. Registry. In the fall of 2007 and winter of 2007-08 Mr. Al Walker made policy changes and forced all breeders involved to abide by new and unethical policies that he wrote in two paper back books that he sent to all Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog breeders by certified mail. It stated that if we did not agree to the terms of the policies that the breeder would be terminated from the registry. These policies stated that the registry had every right to enforce control over content on our personal breeders websites, advertisements and also stated that we could not join other clubs nor other registries or else we would be kicked out of the A.R.F and our membership would be terminated. These policies also stated that we would have to work with other breeders in the program even if we had a dislike for the breeders and that if we were unwilling to work with those breeders we would be forced out of the program as well. I wrote an email stating that I could not live by those rules and that I would bow out from the Animal Research Foundation. This was after I spent hundreds of dollars registering eight of my dogs and payed for 3 five generation pedigrees. After I left the Animal Research Foundation I discovered that the pedigrees have falsified breeding information. Now I have no way to contest these false documents that I purchased through the expert genealogist Mr. Al Walker. Since the Animal Research Foundation took it upon themselves to start policing breeders that have paid good money to the A.R.F and have kicked breeders out for not abiding by their unethical rules I say it is time that I send the message out to the Animal Research Foundation that we as breeders have rights and we are not going to stand for being mistreated. Mr. Walker has kicked out numerous breeders in recent months because they did not abide by the un-ethical standards of the A.R.F. My grievance is the first of this kind but I can guarantee their will be many more complaints to follow as other breeders have taken notice of how they have been mistreated.

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