Ann Douds

Ann Douds is a f***** up woman who slept with my husband

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Published: 26 July 2017

Posted by: Gregory B. Beverly

This slutty ass named Ann Douds has been sleeping around with my husband since long. The thing that makes the equation even more pathetic is that she has been my teacher in 2005. She used to teach at Weatherstone Elementary in Cary, NC and I used to be in the same batch. This bitch is fucking 60 years old and she is a complete racist as she hates black people. She used to call me a nigger during the teaching hours. Well, who are you? A moronic human being!
Both of you can have each other for being equally miserable. I might have to contact the police to put a restraining order on you as I’ve had my share of torture and I’m really pissed and sick of your repeated voicemails where you beg me to come back. I will never ever forgive you or come back. You stay happy with your 28000 per year job and this amazing woman for your occasional adventures.
I will stay happy with my 567900 saving and 300000 dollar job. I’m happy to be alone than with a low grade man like you. And you my darling teacher are going to rot in hell, mark my words!

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