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Published: 30 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

The courses were not worth it for me, here is why. (The 7-Step Formula and Secrets of The Elite Women)

I wish to remain anonymous. I have purchased all courses offered by Anna Bey AKA the school of affluence so far, and my conclusion is, it is not worth it. I have not asked for a refund since I cannot be bothered to deal with her bitchy team. But I would recommend googling the topic you want to learn about and read the first couple of pages google offers you. Anna Bey does not go more in-depth than that, if you want to learn more about it then take a look at books or research regarding the topic, do be critical of the sources, just like you should be critical of what Anna is saying. But you would find advice from people that have dedicated their lives to it. I would also recommend joining groups on Facebook, discord, or other platforms about it to learn more. Do be aware of cultural differences regarding networking, etiquette and so on, when doing your research. I will say the jet-set circuit, or “the true elite” has a lot more in common with each other regardless of country, but that is a topic for another time.
Will not focus much on this, since it’s discontinued but the first course: is known as the 7-step formula to high society, and I will be honest and say that the reason behind my disappointment is entirely on me. I was expecting a proper finishing school, just online where I could refresh my western etiquette and such, but it was more targeted towards “Bagging a man”. I would say it would be a steal if it was a proper finishing school online, it is not.
Extremely low-quality production-wise:
awkward angles, and framing
weird lighting etc.
and it looks like it is shot on an iPhone
For the content of the first course:
Well, expect a lot of grammatical mistakes in all course content, also the workbooks.
Anna will spend a lot of time explaining what I would call common sense. Some might be thinking well, you are privately educated, so common sense might not be the same for us. 1st of all, I have tried the public education system in many countries, and have also been a strong advocate of pupils in both public and private education being introduced for certain things, but:
To be liked by others or for them to enjoy your company: you should be a decent human being, with good values etc. one of them being considerate of others and not showing malice. Wouldn’t you call that common sense? The funny thing is some of her teachings in her courses would go against this, but her saying one thing and doing something else is quite common.
I will not delve deeper into this, since it’s discontinued, but I could talk about the times I noticed she was wrong for a long time or times where she was showing extremely shallow knowledge of whatever she was talking about.

Course no. 2 Secrets of the elite woman
I can already now reveal that I learned nothing new in her 2nd course even though I was bored digging for golden nuggets. I didn’t learn anything new about soft skills, household management, etiquette, etc. you would at a traditional finishing school. Having said that:
The marketing of this course just smelt like a scam, but I was willing to give her another shot since I thought it would be interesting. It did not disappoint. Funny thing is another student contacted me shortly after the course launch about the discovery of her connection with Dan Lok, and everything just made sense at that moment since her marketing funnel is almost a carbon copy of his. Dan Lok wrote a book about forbidden psychological techniques in marketing a while back, and I saw multiple of those used in the launch of her course. If you attempt to enter his high-ticket closer program or something, the same. They even use the same communication platform for their students in Discord.
Content wise, she should start to practise what she preaches, and preach something of higher value while she is upgrading. just a quick google search that she is presenting with a higher video production value.
I recall her using the nursery table setting in that part of the course, which just gives me flashbacks to before kindergarten, but hey, if you need the motivation of dessert to finish your greens then you do what works for you.
The whole mindset thing is something I was presented for back in 7th grade, about how important the mindset is, and how to develop it into what you want it to be. Students down to grade 1 have been introduced to the learning pit, and how to overcome it. There is a general shift in the public from dreaming to doing, and teaching pupils to form a better mindset for their future. Some countries might be lacking behind in this, but I was basically taught more than what was included in the Secrets of the elite women course in school and some learn about it earlier. It also felt like she was copying Gary V a lot in the mindset modules
About star quality, I think the next module is something about harnessing your star quality, which was basically personal branding. Basic common sense about the topic, and I recall the magnetic presence was also included here. All the video segments about her magnetic presence felt like it was done by Alexa or Siri tbh. Read What everybody is saying by I think joe Navarro and look into open and confident body language
Elite femininity was the third module, I think? Something about the advantages about exuding it and having a 30% masculine energy. A lot about traditional gender roles and feminine traits. I recall boundaries also being covered here, and that might be helpful if you have not been taught how to ser them properly.
I don’t feel like covering that anymore, but was any of the bonuses worth it? I will say no. for example. The confidence code was basically created because a lot of girls in the 1 course requested something like that, and she ripped it from a book I cannot recall rn.
She still hasn’t eliminated her grammatical errors in her workbooks, and there were also modules delivered late on and conflicting information. Like she said everything was pre-recorded and they finished recording for her course when you could enter the program, but then she suddenly said they were still recording for her course and they were recording/producing while sending it out. I think it was the 3rd module that was released late, and the workbooks always being late they most likely did produce while sending it out to students. I will say the film style analysis she did in her 2nd course was reused from her 1st , so nothing special there. I also found it interesting how the podcast files were .m4a which is a phone file, IDK if that changed later on since I haven’t checked those podcasts were she answer student questions after the 3rd or something, but she claims she used a more professional audio studio set-up, for her podcasts. That should produce a .wav or .mp3 by default.
I will say that you might find her second course worth it if you like a higher production value, while learning. You still see, less than ideal framing, lighting etc. Just be ready for basic, common sense information you can get from the first page on google.

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