Anna gomez purrxotics sphynx cattery escondido ca 7603319322

Anna gomez purrxotics sphynx cattery escondido ca 7603319322

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Published: 17 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

All her animals need rescue she sells extremely sick cats that die within days her animal’s are from kitty and puppy mills she’s a broker don’t waste your money or get your heart broken I can’t believe she hasn’t been arrested Got kitten from a nanny 1st thing I saw they were blind from herpes virus and we spent so much time and money just for them to die she ignore and says evil things about others just to get her kitten’s ect.. sold

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AAA Of The Carolinas

I have had to call AAA Of The Carolinas several times for towing etc. Last week my wife was locked out of her car. Everyone I talked with


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