Anne Oldfield Haynes David Haynes Holston Hollow Farm

Anne Oldfield Haynes David Haynes Holston Hollow Farm

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Published: 26 November 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Anne made numorous calls throughout the day on some puppies and emails with demanding and being a bothersome with begging to come over on a English Cream Golden Retriever dog that was told to her that the dog was in fact NOT for sale. She insisted any way and showed up at 9 pm at night with ruining the whole night on the family’s sleep for work and school the next day. Anne herself made a promise that if the dog was in fact pregnant that she would meet half way and return the dog back. She finds out after the time frame of only the 1 day with giving her an extra day and then she states that she is keeping the dog because she likes her. She NEVER did pay the FULL price on her which money is still owed on the dog being she is in fact pregnant. The dog was not to be listed at all without her owner’s permission which her ad on her was in fact cancelled prior to Anne showing up at their house which was only on there a short time any way. The dog’s name is Heavenli Lab Elana, call name Havana AKC Registration Number SR97778902. The said dog has been bred 3 times in a row now since 15 mos of age (her very fisrt heat cycle) with NEVER skipping a heat cycle since and the last litter she had, she had to have a C-Section by her Previous Owner of her on April 12th 2018. One year was to go by before breeding her again and NOW Anne is having puppies with her AGAIN. This is Havana’s 3rd litter so the said dog is to be “Retired” after this Litter October 2018 that Anne is having with her. But I am surely POSITIVE ANNE WILL BE BREEDING HER AGAIN AND AGAIN Being she IS IN FACT A PUPPY MILL. No sire information will be given to Anne on this current litter with being a possible stray or multiple sired litter. Puppies will NOT be registered with AKC nor will she have any information on them. So if she tries to provide anything at all on them to the puppy buyers watch out! HUGE RED FLAG!! If more fraudulent stuff is pulled with this 57 year old woman Anne Haynes then AKC will be out at her home doing DNA on all the puppies. This lady also breeds Horses and Bernese Mountain Dogs too. She is nothing but a “Puppy Mill”. She just breeds whatever for money. Do your Homework, this is one heck of a sneaky person that you do NOT want to EVER do business with or purchase any dog or horse from, TRUST ME. This lady is very well off and does NOT NEED MONEY which she has NO HEART at all whatsoever. She states that she is Christian, this lady does NOT have one Christian Bone in her body at all whatsoever after what she has done with this situation and family. Sorry but she belongs with teh DEVIL. I hope that she gets (((VIOLATES TOS)))with getting punished and sees what it is like. I hope she loses her 3 houses on her property there with having to pay her medical bills so she can see what it is like since she obviously does NOT care about others in need that have nothing at all. She ignores all text messages, emails, and phone calls. She can’t even stand up as a 57 year old women and face her pears and,or issues because she knows that she did WRONG by scamming that family out on Havana. Anne knew d**n well that this lady that she has scammed has CANCER and owns nothing at all to their names and with having 2 kids in college with them paying tuition, and numorous thousands of dollars in Dr bills being she has no health insurance and her husband being killed. This family needed this money badly and Anne Haynes knew this all along since Tuesday the day that she took her. Anne has NO HEART and surely NO REMORSE at all for what she has done and caused with and to this family. So 2 hours 40 minutes there one way through the mountains and Anne can’t even be woman enough to open her front door to talk, most likely because she KNOWS SHE DID IN FACT WRONG THIS FAMILY. So she took advantage of them at their weekest moment with the lady having cancer, 2 years fighting for her life. She had 6 surgeries in 14 mos, chemo, radiation, and on all kinds of medication with trying to FIGHT this. But No, Anne scammed them this litter money on Havana all for herself which took it from the lady and her 4 young children that dont even have money to put food on their plates. Pretty sad if you ask me. This lady has every right to get mad after what Anne has done to her and her children. They are just trying to keep the wolf away from the back door, and here this Anne Haynes lady has 3 houses on like over 100 acres with 3 horse trailers, cars, trucks, and numorous animals every where there. Puppies were even eating their own feces and live in multiple cages. For all that READ this: I hope that you have a BIG Heart for this family that Anne Haynes wronged and I pray to Dear God that you do NOT buy any animals from this lady Anne O. Haynes and her husband that she calls David Haynes that has wronged others in need. If you google the name David Haynes it comes up that he is dead and Anne claims that she has been re-married for 3 years to a guys named David that is using a Pay Pal account under that name and email address of [email protected]. Sounds as an investigation needs to be done on why her and her new husband are using her dead husband’s information for.

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