Annie Khan

Annie Khan

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Published: 06 March 2021

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As a Caribbean female who has resided in Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, and America, I have a deep respect for individuals regardless of their culture and ethnicity, age and gender, and religious and sexual preference. Therapeutically, I work to help individuals learn more about themselves within their unique situation; I empower people to choose their path and to live in a way that is rewarding for them.I primarily work with adults who are dealing with questions regarding their life path. These may manifest as existential issues, death anxiety, faith/spirituality, sexual orientation or coming out, and/or traumatic (single event or chronic) experiences. Relationships, both same and opposite sex, are also a major focus of my practice.I offer services both in person and electronically using video conferencing, chat or email packages. Feel free to contact me for more information. For more information about my services visit my website: or follow me on IG: @drannalesakhan

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