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Published: 12 February 2018

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Anole is the wife of Kevin Mendez a.k.a. Canine Behavioral Development whom claims to be a specialized dog trainer for difficult dog beahvior problems. We hired Mr. Mendez to board and train our dog at his home for a total of 60 days. We made a documented agreement and paid $2600 Paypal payments to Mr. Mendez and sent dog supplies to a postal mailbox as instructed by Mr. Mendez. After 30 days, Mr. Mendez contacted us and stated that our dog had run off and was now impounded, he gave us the information and ex-communicated us. We picked up our dog and was told by the staff that our dog had been housed there by Mr. Mendez for the past 30 days and that Mr. Mendez instructed the staff to feed our dog only 1 cup of dog food per day. The staff also confirmed that Mr. Mendez never returned to do any dog training during the 30 days. Our dog was returned sickly and had lost over 20 pounds. Because Mr. Mendez ex-communicated us, we began the small claims process. Through court provided resources we were able to confirm that Anole O. Dahlstrom is the primary owner of both the Paypal account and the postal mailbox that we were asked to send dog supplies to. We have since subpoenaed Anole for court however she has made no attempts to show up or rectify the situation and the part she palyed in it. Paypal confirmed that Anole’s Paypal account was vacated and left with a large negative balance meaning Anole took our money and ran. At this point it’s safe to say that Mr. Mendez and his wife, Anole, have no remorse or sympathy for customer’s faith and trust in them but would rather rip the customer(s) off, even to the point of harming an animal. .

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