Anthony hagarty

Anthony hagarty

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Published: 23 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

rachel tony keith and mary all know what is going on and yet dont try to solve it my grandma being harassed by owners and renters and friends of the owner who believes in profits nomatter what the hate crime is my grandma pay her rent never late and clean the hall and yet the apartment have no bathroom top cover below roof walls still crumbling so they choose to make my people sick and not fix the issues my grandmas foot went through the wood floor yes wood from 1925 never updated and my grandmas had to have a toe amputated because she a diabetic and the wood got in her feet the owner asked her if she wanted her deposit back so maybe she can find a better place hmmm i guess the owner wants my grandma to hop away with one foot sick nowAnthony hagarty rachel mary keith zillow redfin harassing me making me sick playing with utitities causing me and child to vomit no proof because they leave no prints behind they are angry at me because i requested work to be done in apt 1 and the building is as old as from 1925 floor 1 is my apartment and my grandma and child and somehow the gassy oder is comming inside apartment then when police get to the property the freshner is sprayed well enugh to not believe us and yard the owner is having people throw dead skunks in yard racoons i mean we pay her so much money and never late dont owe her or dont harass people ofcorse we are middleclass and they are welthy im half black half white my grandma white my child black we cant just move because they want us to without a reason 2 sick peiople living in this apartment pleas help us to put these wealthy people who dont care in the right place of mind thank you ripoffscams

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Final Touch

Extortion warning: | Please share with anyone in the garland/rowlett area to stay far away from this moving company final touch!!!


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