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Stay Away from Anthony Muscarella

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Published: 15 June 2019

Posted by: Ben Fraser

Refinancing or buy a home is one of the most important parts of our lives. Banks and lenders are helping the buyers by lending and guiding them through the mortgage process. Unfortunately, some of these mortgage lenders and brokers make the home buying process much difficult and stressful. Anthony Muscarella and his team are one of these mortgage advisors and lenders who complicate the mortgage process and make it stressful to the home buyer. He wasted my time and money when I used him to buy my first home.

Due to his famous reputation as a mortgage advisor and lender, many buyer buyers including me have lost their money and time through his unplanned processes. On his Facebook, there are bragging contents praising himself and his mortgage advisory team. He blinds the buyers by his reviews but the reality he isn’t smart in his area as he says. Years back his mortgage advisory company was excellent but now everything there is poor and unhelpful.

Anthony Muscarella has made a lot of home buyers feel regret for using him as a mortgage advisor and a lender. He is one nasty picture to the investment and mortgage brokers’ fraternity. Homebuyers should be beware of this self-centered and predatory broker. What he did to me was terrble and I would like to bring out the reality behind this investment trafficker. 


Who is Anthony Muscarella

It’s paramount to know about Anthony Muscarella. He is an investment broker and a branch manager at Advisors Mortgage Group in Wall Township, New Jersey. His team includes some processors, loan officers, assistant managers, and production partners.


He believes that the frame of references from the financial planners, Realtors®, previous clients and attorneys are the outcome of Advisors Mortgage Group’s narrow processes. He and his team throw a deal at the wall to see the outcome. In 2015 he was named as the year’s young gun. Anthony Muscarella and his team play the role of investment brokers and mortgage banking helping clients in the home buying process. He is also active with local schools and youth sports. He manages the sports teams, coaches them and hosts annual events. He does all these to advertise his name and improve his reputation.  



About Advisors Mortgage Group (AMG)




The Advisors Mortgage Group was found in the year 1999 by a solo loan leading officer in Shrewsbury, New Jersey. This group has its branches in different states of the United States of America with its branch offices along the East Coast and a corporate office in Ocean Township, New Jersey. 

They offer mortgage banking processes to clients throughout their offices. They also assist the clients with advice during their mortgage loan process, refinancing the existing loan and guide through the home buying process. Anthony Muscarella joined the Advisors Mortgage Group in the year 2006 and expanded it to a multi-state mortgage bank throughout the United States. The Advisors Mortgage Group was excellent until the unable manager Anthony Muscarella took over.




Their licensed branch locations are in Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, West Virginia, Georgia, Florida, South & North Carolina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and New Jersey.




My Worst Experience with Anthony Muscarella

I applied for a Federal Housing Administrator (FHA) for my first time home buying. Advisors Mortgage Group is the worst mortgage bank I grief using. Anthony Muscarella himself advised me to apply for the FHA loan because my Fair Isaac Corporation (FICO) score qualified me. According to my monthly income, this was the right choice for me.

I had an excellent credit score so I was pre-qualified for the FHA loan. I was okay with the down payment of 3.5%. I filled their application form and I was ready to go. Anthony Muscarella assured me that I will get the home within a time of 3 days. He promised to guide me throughout the process together with his team. I paid the 3.5% down payment through the escrow account.

I waited patiently until the third day, mind you Anthony Muscarella and his team never communicated to me within those days. He never informed me about the progress or what I should do next. My family and I were waiting to move from the rental home to our new home in 3 days but it never happened. I called Anthony Muscarella’s office to enquire about the process but whoever received the call was the opposite of helpful. I checked in to his office to meet him one on one to know the progress. I found his assistant known as Rob who told me Anthony is out for a business meeting. Rob couldn’t help me because the details about my application were with Anthony Muscarella.

Unfortunately, I was supposed to attend a one-month business trip for my company so following up with my mortgage process was hard. Although I tried to reach Anthony Muscarella through calls and emails he hardly responded to them. Whenever he received my call he was always busy and in a hurry so he asked me to wait for a few minutes but he never got back to me. This was so discouraging and stressful so I needed to cancel the application and get a refund of the 3.5% down payment that I had already placed. 

On contacting Anthony Muscarella to inform him about my cancelation and refund request he hanged up the call, never called me back neither did he responded to any of my calls. No one among his unhelpful team ever communicated to me. After a week he responded to my refund request email where he told me to wait for 24 hours to get my refund. As promised I received the refund but only 70% of the 3.5% down payment. I called him to ask about the missing 30% and he told me that was the transaction fee. That was a lame reason for deducting all that amount. 

I was really disappointed because that’s not what I expected from a famous mortgage banker and investment broker like him. Fortunately, found a straight forward and helpful investment broker who amorously guided me throughout the home buying process successfully. Whatever I got from Anthony Muscarella is just stress, money loss, and time wastage. Buyers beware of Advisors Mortgage Group.


Negative Reviews from Disappointed Clients

Due to Advisors Mortgage Group, fame home buyers have used Anthony Muscarella and his team. Dismayingly some of these buyers have been disappointed and stressed on different occasions. Anthony Muscarella and his peers are uncommunicative and unsupportive in the home buying process. They pretend that they will always be there for you during the process but drops you along the way. They are good at asking for a down payment rate percentage but when things go wrong it becomes hard for them to refund the amount. If they do you will get a less amount than what you paid.




Negative Reviews from AMG Former Employees 

Anthony Muscarella and some of his valued team members are unfit on their positions. Not only the home buyers have complained but also some of Advisors Mortgage Group former employees. The former employees say that there is a lot of childish behavior among some workers at AMG. It’s so discouraging that they extend their unprofessional behavior to the clients.




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The AMG employees are not properly trained to relate to each other or how to handle the clients courteously. There are a lot of gossips and some of the employees’ teams up to at least get one person fired. Anthony Muscarella has a lot of pride and those who kiss his behind tell him only the things he wants to hear. In Ripoff Report website an Advisory Mortgage Group former worker pleads and exposes the factual basis of circumstances in Advisory Mortgage Group and the nature of Anthony Muscarella.