Anthony Scott Tubbs Aka Scott Tubbs Dba Etail Experts

Anthony Scott Tubbs Aka Scott Tubbs Dba Etail Experts

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Published: 22 October 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I have read several reports by AND against Scott Tubbs. He reported World Wide Consulting Services as a company that rips people off, then after a rebuttal by World Wide, he comes back and retracts his report. Scott Tubbs retracted his report because he DOES THE VERY SAME THING THAT HE REPORTED WWCS for doing. (Formerly Choice Solutions Consulting Service and now as Etail Experts). He is a con artist. He finds people who are looking for jobs as sales trainers, contacts them and tells them that he is looking for GOOD people to train as “Sales Consultants” or “Trainers”. He tells them that he want sto train them for his business and he will set them up to become trainers who go out to car dealerships, interview the prospective car salesmen, then do a three day training class for the ones who supposedly are chosen, but at the cost of $629.00 for the training before they even know they have a job. This is a SCAM!! Before you let Scott and his smooth talking self con you, do your homework. He will tell you all kinds of lies. He will even try to get money out of you BEFORE you go out to Texas for the training. BUT DON’T FALL FOR IT! He will tell you that you need to give him your credit card number so that he can get you a hotel for the week, but that he will “reimburse” you by deducting this $500 from the amount that you must pay him (over $4,000) for 20 training manuals for future “classes”. WAKE UP EVERYONE. You guys need to pull together and take this guy down. Don’t let him keep getting people’s money. It’s bad enough to let him have the $500 but to pay him over $4,000 for training materials but then he fools you into thinking that you will make over $80,000 a year. If you don’t believe me, ask his former “partner”, Christopher Ried, who is now alerting people to this scam. (For what reason is anyone’s guess!) Maybe the authorities should interview him. I want to know why he hasn’t been caught and dealt with by authorities yet? If enough reports are filed against him, he will eventually have to pay! And, Scott, I know you will read this, so listen—you need to take some grammar classes. Your grammatical errors on your e-mails and ripoff responses are atrocious. Every time I read something that you write, I cringe. Do you actually have any education? Well, I guess you don’t have to have an education to rip people off–even imbeciles can do that! J.p. Anderson, South CarolinaU.S.A.

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