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Anthony Tony Alston FBI Agent Review

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Published: 27 October 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Anthony “Tony” Alston (Former) FBI Agent in the Orange County section of the Los Angeles region of the FBI ruined his career. Agent Tony Alston (now fired) lied in federal court which is a federal crime…. Yes, Tony Alston is a criminal! He was terminated from the FBI for several reasons and becoming a federal criminal was one of them. Former FBI Agent Tony Alston also violated the code of respect on a major investigation in addition to abusing his power. Another factor that ruined his career was that he undermined the Internal Affairs Division of the FBI. Anthony “Tony” Alston is now disgraced to the FBI and is a criminal. Tony Alston lacked the integrity and self control needed to keep his job in the FBI (He was a liar and a power abuser). Sadly (for him) he threw his roughly 20 year career away and is now no longer able to continue his corruption at the public’s expense. Citizen of Orange County beware! .

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