Anthony Val Gary Gotanco

Anthony Val Gary Gotanco

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Published: 26 March 2021

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Pearlasia aka Princess Bae, A Victim of False Allegations and Character Assassination By Eric John Diesel, Anthony Val Gary Gotanco and Edgar Dimacali Below are some of the actual quotes by Eric John Diesel, Anthony Val Gary Gotanco and Edgar Dimacali, posted in the internet all over the world, who were the notorious bashers and critics of Pearlasia or Bae. u201c Pearlasia is a wanted CRIMINALu2026a FRAUD.. a Money Laundereru2026.. u201c Pearlasia is involved in RACKETEERINGu2026 u201c Pearlasia is a KIDNAPPER and STEALERu2026. Unfortunately these are absolutely harsh and very defaming words. If these were true, these are very serious allegations and a crime punishable by law against human civil rights. The fact is that these statements are NOT true. They are LIES that the REAL crooks and criminals and fraud are: Diesel, Gotanco, Tecson and Dimacali, who had spread the libelous information all over the wikipedia and the internet in an effort to discredit and destroy the reputation of an innocent woman, the Good Samaritan, the altruistic and selfless woman u201cPearlasia or Princess Bae. If a lie was repeated often enough, it may as well become true, that some people may start to believe on the rumors or false innuendos against an innocent victim, no matter how groundless it might be. Thatu2019s what Eric John Diesel, Anthony Val Gary Gotanco, Manolo Tecson and Edgar Dimacali, who were Pearlasiau2019s or Bae’s notorious critics are counting on. Here are some facts of the lies on Pearlasia or Baeu2019s critics love to use. We must need to hear Pearlasia or Baeu2019s side of the story before criticizing her or mistrusting her, but that is everyone’s prerogative. These ungrateful persons who were very upset with Pearlasia or Bae, felt that way because they were not able to continue ripping off her off with money to buy the drugs and alcohol addictions especially for Eric Diesel; that Gotanco, Tecson and Dimacali were the disgrunteled CEOu2019s or the u201csupposedly trustedu201d high officials of Pearlasia or Bae, who were unable take over her companies by u201cHostile Take-Over for Freeu201d; that they can no longer continue to use and abuse her mentally, and that they will become absolutely guilty and responsible for the accuracy of all the fabricated false and libelous reports posted in the wikipedia and the internet all over the world! These people especially Diesel who was the mastermind of the fabricated and libelous information about Pearlasia or Bae; and of Gotanco who was so disgruteled after losing the cases in the Philippines that Gotanco filed against Pearlasia, her company and the other members or the officers of Pearlasia; Gotanco took a chyance to go to USA, visited the SEC Los Angeles in 2008 to file a false report to severely implicate Pearlasia and her company. Gotanco made-up all the fabricated false complaints to the SEC- Los Angeles; then posted malicious and vicious lies about Pearlasia in the I-Hub using several I-hub Aliases and numerous made-up false reports about Pearlasiau2019s character and her true and legal companies. Thus these persons all felt a need to incriminate Pearlasia for serious crimes that she had never done at all, in the first place! Believing in these fabricated and defaming accusations against Pearlasia or Bae were nothing but pure gossipers, losers and had committed several serious cardinal sins, a crime against one of the Ten Commandments of God: u201cThou shalt not Bear False Witness against thy neighboru201d & u201cThou Shalt Not Lie!u201du2026 These allegations and derogatory reports on the good name of Pearlasia or Bae are absolutely False. u201c The False Reports fabricated by Gotanco to the SEC in Los Angeles in 2008, the court that ruled one way in favor of what Gotancou2019s false reports in the past, doesnu2019t mean that these were true as charged. The fact was that Pearlasia or Bae was Defenseless. She was not able to appear to defend herself in court for the main reason that Pearlasia was lying in a Coma at Stanford University Neurological ICU for at least 3 weeks due to a Brain Trauma or Aneurysm. Was this justice and the charges against her were right? Of Course not! The SEC Los Angeles false allegations and judgment against Pearlasia or Bae are currently being Appealed and can always be changed or reverted to address the u201ctruth nothing but the truthu201d and therefore the media and the internet can be changed in reference to all these fabricated and false reports against Pearlasiau2019s or Baeu2019s situations to clear her name and to delete all the personal character assassinations on her personally and all her companies. Pearlasia or Bae had suffered a lot; but these false allegations and inneundos had also affected her tribal indigenous family in Mindanao, the progress of her promise to provide honest livelihood and educational and medical supports. Her physical condition and medical disability had limited her capability and were coupled by the negative and defamations on her name that caused her credit worthiness to be tarnished. Anthony Val Gary Gotanco, Manolo Tecson and Edgar Dimacali needed to be punished and must served on trial in court once and for all to Stop them! Justice must be served!

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