Antonieta Buglione Somoza, Y

Antonieta Buglione Somoza, Y

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Published: 05 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

RESPONDING A REBUTAL BY ANTONIETA BUGLIONE SOMOZA MRS. SALAZAR DATE 03 06 2016.TIME 18 51 hours. Report No. 1150753. She is not a responsible abiden citizen, no body cares about her master education, the situation here is about a person with mental problems.The friend she is telling you is my husband, Jose Guadalupe Salazar Morales. Recently I was reading her in his cellphone asking my husband to go out, and see her at Yucca Elementary School where she works, she was always alone, trash, and no furniture in her house, no food to eat but cookies, and limited for the four of them her husband, a girl, and a boy both of them minors by the time when that happened, plus two dogs, as soon as she discovered us living financially healthy, she, and her husband attacked us financially. The Sheriff placed a note out side their window area, they were asking them to live for not paying to their bank their monthly payments to live in that property located at 39370 Beacon Ln Palmdale California 93551, but her husband Jose Ignacio broke a window, and got in after the Sheriff closed their door for both of them, and took their keys away, they were completely homeless.She is always trying hard to live from us, and a legal demand is active even now, for she wants to live from our finances by using my husband, putting him against his legal wife Mrs. Salazar, and children against mom, the lady is acting out of the law in every step she gives. and publicly I am telling her to return the 120 diamond a white Korean gold ring, that she stole from my house during the day by telling my husband that her husband gave that ring to me, my ring was the product of my job as a supervisor with Jafra Cosmetics Inc, her payment to my husband was 100.00 US coin, she is dangerous to her self, my concern is the kids inside the School where she works, or people getting near by that property. I am asking her to return the money she took out from my properties 12857 Eustace Street Pacoima California 93551, and 39355 Beacon Ln Palmdale California 93551, her husband Jose Ignacio Somoza, and her, they both committed the crime of property theft. She always wanted to be associated with my husband, and there are two more properties that they were paying using my credits, and the money came out of my first two properties. Of course there is evidence for she took me out of my house by July 28 2011. She make a false demand in the court, she was helped by Pedro Torres from American Enterprize, and Will Guerrero operating a Real Estate Agent without a licence. His phone numbers are the followings. 265 10 07, 317 1875, y 538 2800 the area for all of the numbers is 661, he was a Real Estate Student in the school Keller Williams at The Plaza Rancho Vista, and 10th, infront of 24 hours Fitness Gym In Palmdale California 93551. Antonieta Buglione Somoza is the one that contacted him, they used my money, and got money from me, by using my husband Jose Guadalupe Salazar Morales, they used 5000. 00 US coin, my husband took me to the office of Pedro Torres, and there the Pedro Torres, locked me inside the office until getting the money from me. She is a fat liar prostitute, every word written in the report No. 1150753 is nothing but the true. It is true that we were neighbors but I was always the good kind, and she was always very evil not only to us, but to other people too, they were warning us not to get near none of them two her husband, and her Antonieta Buglione Somoza. It should be clear for her as prostitute of her level that she does not use my husband or I to get up from her bad financing situation, or use my kids to put them against mom, or dad in order to take advantage from us as family. She is not authorized to pronounce the name of Jose Guadalupe, for he is my husband, and it needs to be clear for the prostitute. It is true that I have 5 kids, and a husband, the family is my family. She is the one who was not done with her education, staying home, always with madness, and I feel sorry to say it but hungry people into a very poor situtation. She is the problematic person for she was always calling cops against my family without doing nothing to her or none of them including her husband. She is the one who is unestable person, cops were always in that house, for she and her husband entered in my house with the base ball bat violating my door entering illegally causing panic and terror to my children, and their own children. They also were fighting all the time for the finances were very bad, and there was no extra to survive, nothing at the banks, she is the one who should be taking medication in order to help her braine to function normal. The Mental Health Department took her four days, we rest a bit, and she gave my name to them in the hospital causing so many problems to my name with the identity thef. She also caused so many other problems, and everything because my credit was so higher, and my name all clean, just envy for we were financially healthy, when she was having hard times. She Antonieta Buglione Somoza is extremelly problematic, and mentally dangerous for her self. I saw one oficial at 39370 Beacon Ln Palmdale California 93551, that told her to drink her medicines, she got graduated under weird conditions, and she wans to make me pass for all what she is passing, and everything because she, and her husband went into my house, and find us living like in a castle, she is mentally out of control, her son was very retardy, and she was attempting to poison my kids, or make them get to Mental Health Department, it is her behavior, and just because my children are very beautiful. I Mrs. Salazar, I am not slandering her name, she is weird, she is like that, and no. The misdemeanor exhibithed in every school that she is saying, Is product of what she did, since she works for the school she took my identity. I am sorry that she did that to our system, I do apologize for the inconvenience, the people from the schools were very kind to me, and to my kids. When the identity theft at Yucca Elementary School. She opened, and took my mechanic tools from my truck, she flat my tire of my Suburban Tan color, at first the assistant of the principal did not believed, but I went to police, and also changed the tire where they gave to me a paper, the school saw that, and I give the evidence to the assitant of the principal from that School named Yucca. I never argumented anything with her, but asked to give me my ring, she was very rude that she was even disruptive to my husband. She called the cops and told them I do not know what, she was sending people to follow me in the school, she was very offensive at every moment. She always want to talk the way I talk, and be the way I am, she always want to have my place in society, she wants to talk the way I talk, dress the way I dress, walk the way I walk, she even want my husband, she attacked muy kids with pills in the school area without having a problem, and wrote false reports against my name, when I was not even there, and did nothing to her, or to personel from the School. She did that at Yucca Elementary School address at 38440 2nd, Street East Palmdale, Palmdale Blvd, Palmdale California 93550. She took The student Miranda Salazar out of her area and locked her in a room where they lunch, Miranda spoke about her madness very clear, after she hit her hand she told Miranda not to tel mom, her phone No. 661 273 0872, she was misguiding my husband, and my kids when no body asked her to do anything in our family, just because my kids are good students, and play instruments occupying a place in society. They are beautifull, and talented kids playing instruments, and dancing professionally. shining like a star in the schools. I do not know what she is talking about, I am just worry that she is running my records, use names, take passwords, emails, she is putting reports under my name with the Sheriff and police department without one is nothing to her. It is her behavior totally of control.She can not talk about my husband, for he is not here to defend his self, or there when she is talking about him, my children have a beautiful mom, but the Sheriff from Palmdale was there to take her children away from them, for she completely abandoned, they were all the day in my house, or the street, and I accepted them in my house for they were just victims of both of them, their doing a very bad parenting. Sheriff was there for long time waiting for the social worker, whatever happens to her she wants Mrs. Salazar to pass by, she is a sick person, and no, Ido not drink medications, and no one in my family does. I am not the one going to far, she was in my room with my husband, when I was at work, and she knows that. She can not take legal action for they will put her in jail morethan 25 years for property thef, the officer talked those words, there is also an eye witness of other thinks you did, at 39370 Beacon Ln Palmdale California 93551, and in the school or at her work, every time some thing is wrong, she comes against my family, or when she needs money, she is mad or comes to be disruptive to my family attacking my children or disruptive to my husband. I am not slandering her name or reputation every word written under the report No. 1150752, under the name of Antonieta Buglione Somoza, it is nothing, but the true. Her rebutal tells you how she is operating, she is a fat liar, is just the way she is, there are no codes or regulations to respect for that family. There are not defamations, not maliciously words or defamations pronounced by Mrs. Salazar, no body defame her reputation, and yes, it is the true. She Antonieta Buglione Somoza attempted to kill me infront of the mail boxes placed out side of her house door, the sidewalk area, when she did that, she was driving a Black color car, a Passat to be exact. If she was working in education, it could be with no license, for she was studing GED during 2005, and during 2008, she was not done with her education. she could be lisenced now, but she was not lisenced when she was acting that way into my community, and the Will Guerrero was not a Real Estate license to take me out of my own house as an owner with a legal property title, he was an student from Keller Williams at 1401 West Rancho Vista Blvd Palmdale California 93551, 661 538 2800, and Pedro Torres too many cases in court, all fraude, according to investigations. The Office for Pedro Torres where he locked Mrs Salazar in his office is 3109 West Beverly Blvd apartment A, Montebello California 90640. 323 720 1740, Antonieta, and her husband living at 39370 Beacon Ln Palmdale California 93551, they were the leaders of the whole group. Sorry, but it is the true, they are both criminals, please forgive my ignorance for talking to your department just by talking the true at its highest level, without asking if I can talk. I know you are higher than I, but all what I spoke in that report against Antonieta Buglione Somoza, and Jose Ignacio Somoza, is nothing but the true. The way she is responding is telling you a bit of who she is in reality, just a dishonest person with character assassination. Firmando la verdad Ana De Salazar.

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