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They took money from me but never started the treatment!

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Published: 12 May 2019

Posted by: Terry

I had visited this place for an Invisalign treatment for myself. And these people did all the formalities but never gave me the Invisalign. They had told me that it was arriving but it never did. And they never gave me my money back. After waiting for months, I eventually gave up and stopped contacting them. These people literally stole money from me and kept it. They denied giving it back to me. What kind of professionalism is that? I believe they are cheats and nothing more. Both of the doctors, Dr. Antosz and Dr. Vincelli are crooks. Their staff doesn’t say anything too. But I think they can’t do anything too. An Invisalign treatment costs a lot; like it really is an expensive treatment. But to these people, that stuff doesn’t matter. For them, it’s just a way of making some extra bucks. They told me that the company Invisalign ate up my money but I doubt it. That’s just hysterical. I’m guessing they forgot to order my Invisalign and then they just decided to put the blame on the company. That’s like the worst thing they could’ve done. Yet they did that. Anyway, I contacted them frequently about my order of Invisalign. I found out later on their website that they design the braces themselves. THOSE CROOKS WERE LYING TO ME ALL THE TIME! When I complained about it, they just told me to wait and that my Invisalign would be ready within a few days. Again, I never got to see my Invisalign. These people just took the payment and then provided me with nothing. I am no longer going to this place. The customer service was terrible here as well. Whenever I used to contact them to get an update on my Invisalign, they just kept telling me that I should wait it out. And sometimes, they used to put my call on hold until I canceled. That’s the kind of treatment you get here, at Antosz Orthodontics! I later found out that I wasn’t the only one facing such problems with these people. One other patient was complaining of wrongful billing. Apparently, these guys were charging him around $150 more than the original quote. And when he asked for an explanation, they told me it’s the final invoice. This thing happened to him a number of times. I had met him in the clinic. So it’s clear that this entire operation is just a sham. All they do is steal others’ money.

Even though these people cost me a lot of money, I’m glad I stopped contacting them. I haven’t heard from them since and I’m certain they’d never contact me in the future. I’m also certain that I’d never contact those guys. They just reek of filth. I’m better off without their services. And I’m telling you, it’d be best for you to stay away from Dr. Antosz and Dr. Vincelli too. They are thieves who steal money from innocent patients and carry no guilt for their crimes.

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