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Published: 08 January 2018

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Is the law really on parents side? Every state authorizes certain personnel – doctors, police, social workers (the list varies by state) – to remove your children from your care without a warrant, a court order, or any proof of abuse or neglect.My five children were legally removed from my home because of a few fake phone calls to the police complaining kids were outside playing naked in the yard. The police always came within minutes and proved kids were fine, clothed, playing inside the house and even checked them for any marks, scratches, bruises and ect. finding none. CPS finally took the children falsifying a report that the kids were being neglected, and placed my children with Christian Foster parents who have encouraged and worked hard to change the children’s religion from Islam to Christianity. CPS now seeks to fully terminate custody and legally adopt my children out in a few eeks. There has never been any physical evidence of neglect, abuse or harm. CPS cite that even though my husband and I comply with all their service plans, the courts service plans and the Dr. Service plans we are unfit parents because: 1. Children eat with their right hands sharing from one platter as is customary in Islam. 2. Kids laugh in the hallway on the way to bathroom. 3. Kids turn bathroom light off when using bathroom for thirty seconds playing around. 4. Mother (I) wash toys and furniture santizing them once during flue season to cut down on illness. 5. I teach the kids Islamic belief that CPS Social Worker do not understand or agree with that are perfectly normal and acceptable for Muslim Americans. What Can Be Done? There is hope! A proposedParental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is already making its way through the Congress. Once adopted, the PRA will guard the fundamental right of parents to make decisions – medical, educational, in fact all kinds of decisions – for their children. To join the effort, sign the petition

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