Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville

Antwerpen Hyundai Catonsville

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Published: 14 December 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

I hit a Deer on March 7, 2009. I had my car towed to Antwerpen and since it was on a Saturday night, I had to wait until the place opened on Monday. I get a call from Roberto the manager there at the body shop and he explains that it’s a mess yes but that they can fix it. I said that the insurance adjuster was coming and to not do anything yet and he said no that he wouldn’t. I thought the car was totalled the way it looked but he said no. There was $5900 worth of damage done to the car. After three weeks of having my car, I go to pick it up. They never really cleaned the debris from under the hood and left it looking a mess. Then There was a noticeable “Ding” in my driver’s side door that they put in there while painting my car. The next morning, I was driving down the road and I hear something dragging. I get out and find that the plastic cover that goes under the bumper was hanging down. I had to tuck it back up into the bumper and drive to work. After work I dropped my car back off to Antwerpen and they let me borrow a rental of theirs. I was driving and I noticed that the rental was on E. I can’t believe they gave me a car on E. Anyhow, I had to fill the car up. They fixed the bumper and I went to get the car. Roberto said omg I’m so sorry I tried to call you but your car isn’t finished yet, we forgot to fix the ding in the door so you won’t be able to get the car back until Monday. This was Friday. I went to get the car on Tuesday night and Roberto wasn’t there. I noticed immediately that the passenger side door had three huge dings in it that wasn’t there before the accident nor was it there when I picked the car up the first time. I immediately called Roberto who was very nasty and said that it happened before the deer hit and that they didn’t do it. He informed me to contact my adjuster and let him look at it and let them know when that dent occurred. I said I would. I would NEVER take my car back to Antwerpen to fix the body ever again. They have nasty people working for them and they don’t inspect the work after the job is complete. Jmansfield Randallstown, MarylandU.S.A.

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