Antwerpen Hyundai rt.40

Antwerpen Hyundai rt.40

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Published: 05 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I took my vehicle to Antwerpen Hyundia on Rt.40 for a rear brake service, at 162,000 it was the original brake shoes and drums, original parts on the rear and the rear braking and wheel components have never been replaced or touched. I almost lost my right rear wheel do to damage to the spindle nut and spindle. I took the vehicle back and told them that the only place that touched the vehicle’s rear brakes was them. The spindle nut had to be removed when the rear shoes were installed, however, the technician either cross threaded the spindle nut or damaged it. However, I was told that this work was recommended at the time of the brake installation. I have my reciept copies and no where on the reciept does it say about the rear spindle. I being told that there is a secondary system an MPI system that is used for recommendations and the courtsey inspections. That is were this “ghost” recommendation is and that is what they using on their decision not to assist in the repairs on my car. I was told by the service manager that they are not responsible but he’d help me on the repairs. The repairs are $1900.00 for the damage that was done, the spindle nut, spindle and wheel bearing are going to have to be replaced. If you have an older Hyundai with lots of mileage, take your car somewhere else, they have a sister store in Columbia and I have never had any problems there. The customer paperwork is accurate and precise and the workmanship is correct. I’ll I can think is that they saw a female with an older highmileage car and thought, instant trade in. wrong.

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