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Published: 28 March 2020

Posted by: duky24

I have recieve the SCAM E-mail of Job Offer E-mail from ANTWI FARMS CANADA. The Sender name was Mrs.Rita Scott a Human Resources Manager, i have checked their website on Net, And they fraud people have a website: ( SCAM E-mail, Copy/Paste below: poultry Milk Production Work Benefits.- Herd Milk Production and Management Feed Index in Edmonton Dairy Herds Welcome to Antwi Farms ! We work to help people find various information about animal production; as well as to remind everyone, that in our modern world, there are still a lot of places where people have various difficulties feeding themselves: AREA LOCATION. The Edmonton Dairy Herd Improvement and milk production, 10909 Jasper Avenue, N.W. Edmonton, AB T5J 4J3 Canada BANKING AND FINANCE /BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION. Salary structure Per Hour Pay is $25.8 Canadian Dollars Minimum Work Hour Per day, ( 8 Hrs ) Maximum ( 14 Hrs ) SPECIFIED YOUR INTEND AREA WHICH YOU WILL LIKE TO WORK UNDER ALONG WITH YOUR FULL NAME AND PASSPORT NUMBERS, TO ENABLE THE RESOURCES DEPARTMENT TO SEND YOU EMPLOYMENT FORM FOR FURTHER PROCESSING OF YOUR WORKING PERMIT. AS YOU WELL KNOW, THE MANAGEMENT ONLY AGREED TO PAY FOR CANDIDATES AIR TICKET AND ACCOMODATION. AGE LIMIT BOTH FEMALE OR MALE : 20 TO 65. DURATION OF JOB CONTRACT : 1 TO 6 YEARS AND CAN BE EXTEND. GRATUITY EARN : 12% PER ANNUAL. BONUS ALLOWANCES : 10%. TAXES : 10% MEAL PROVISION : ONLY BREAKFAST FOR EVERY WORKING DAYS . OFF DAY : ONE OFF DAY IS GRANTED TO FOREIGN EMPLOYESS AND HE OR SHE CAN CHOSE THEIR BEST DAY OUT OF THE WEEK WORKING PERMIT PROCESSING FEES WITH THE CANADIAN IMMIGRATION BUREAU HERE IN CANADA ARE FULLY PAID BY INTERESTED APPLICANT. LET US KNOW IF THE ABOVE INFORMATION IS ACCEPTABLE TO YOU. Best Regards Mrs Rita Scott Human Resources Manager ANTWI FARMS 10909 Jasper Avenue, N.W. Edmonton, AB T5J 4J3. Canada Tel : [protected] I have send them response of intrest they send me job applications form & address of their another fraud partner website: ( Canada Immigration bureau, You also check out these websites, A Fraud Person name: David Emerson a Immigration Lawyer have given a detail introduction of their work, I have been impressed by these Fraud Peoples, i have send an e-mail to David Emerson about ANTWI FARMS CANADA and their procedure, he send me this e-mail, i am copy/paste below: Hi Mr. Zeeshan Zafar Thanks for contacting our office, antwi farms are a register company in Canada. We have been working with them for the past 7 years for all their entire international candidates working visa processes. Send us all required information as instructed by antwi farms. You do not need to pay any more fees apart from your processing fees Best wishes, Director of immigration Honorable. David Emerson Canada immigration Bureau 372 Rideau Street – 900 Ottawa, ON – KIN1G7 Canada On Last Tuesday i have send them 355 Canadaian dollars by Money Gram Transfer from Pakistan Detail: Copy/Paste below: Attention. Fill in the blank spaces indicated in the attach form and forward it to canadian immigration bureau Via their email below along with your processing fees further processing of your working permit/visa and one copy back to antwi farms email. Email: [protected] Below are the information received from the immigration bureau that you need to send your working permit/visa processing fees to them by money gram transfer. Processing Fee – $355 Method of payment : Money Gram Transfer Only Accountant Receiver name : Jonathan Martins Address : 372 RIDEAU STREET – 900 0TTAWA, ON- KIN1G7, CANADA Successful transfer of Application processing fee, send the following information. 1. NAME OF SENDER 2. ADDRESS OF SENDER 3. MONEY TRANSFER CONTROL NUMBER 4. AMOUNT SENT 5. CITY, STATE, COUNTRY MONEY SENT FROM Make sure you send the fees to them along with your duly filled Antwi farms application forms. Thanks, Mrs Rita Scott Human Resources Manager ANTWI FARMS 10909 Jasper Avenue, N.W. Edmonton, AB T5J 4J3. Canada Tel : [protected] When i send the fees payment to them then they people have ask me for more, e-mail copy/paste below: Work in Canada Overview. Every year, over 90, 000 foreign workers enter Canada to work temporarily to help Canadian employers address skill shortages. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) ensure that these workers will support economic growth in Canada and create more opportunities for all Canadian job seekers. You must have a valid work permit to work in Canada, Below are the step to followed to obtain your work permit/visa Work Visa Application forms information THE APPLICATION Please submit the following items to this office by E-mail attachment or Fax. [protected] 1. approval letter of employment from your employer. 2. Photographs – One scan photos for you and accompanying family members Photographs MUST be in passport size. 3. To proceed with your working permit/visa process you are advice to Print out the terrorist form attached with this email, it’s very high required, Fill it and forward it to Canada C.I.A office here in Canada with the following email: [protected] OR [protected] You are advice to confirm the below information A) That you will respect and obey the Canadian law. B) That you will assure the authorities that any failure that we make you not to meet up with the required information’s needed by the Canadian immigration authorities we result of not issuing your working visa. C) That you will deposit a refundable deposit of the sum of Seven hundred dollars to the C.I.A office by money Gram Transfer. ($700) Below is the information you required to send your refundable fees to the C.I.A office. 1, Receiver name: Mr. Joseph Farr 2, Address : 2879 Kelly Avenue Ottawa. 9K7 T0E Canada Your refundable deposited fees will be refund back to you at any of our Local and International Airport at the point of your entering Canada by showing to them the refundable payment slip which will be given to you by the C.I. A after your payment has been received by them. Note : Some temporary workers are also required to undergo a medical examination. If necessary, you will be sent the medical forms. For processing times, Note: Allow 7 to 14 working days if a medical examination is required, Failure to submit all the required documentation may delay the processing of your application. Unfortunately we cannot acknowledge receipt of applications or answer routine case status requests within the processing times indicated above. For urgent inquiries only: fax us with your complete name and date of birth, and a day-time telephone number where we can contact you. The fax number is [protected] Our office hours are: 0800 – 04:00 Monday to Friday (except CANADIAN public holidays and some US public holidays). Note your reference number is stated above as your refundable deposit code number. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this might cause or brings to you. We Quote! Best wishes, Director of immigration Honorable. David Emerson Canada immigration Bureau 372 Rideau Street – 900 Ottawa, ON – KIN1G7 Canada Then on friday night i search on net and Fraud watchers web site and Canada Immigration Discussion website that they people are fraud and making people fool and the address they have shown in their e-mails are not exist, But i am shocked that they people have send me Forms, e.g Terrorist Forms, Job approval letter, Accomadation letter, amount recieve Certificate, And the big thing is that they have Scam & Fraud websites: ( & i am innocent. They are fraud and proffesional criminals, they have taken me 355 Canadian$ Fraudly. And the most important that they people have my Complete data, include Picture, Name, Passport Number, Address, Qualifications, Phone Nos, my Working experience records, i am worried about my personal information. Kindly take some serious action against these people and their scam websites. Regards, Zeeshan Zafar

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