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Published: 16 August 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

After the state motor vehicle dept. issued a finding of “no wrong doing found”, without having me present at AOK or viewing the abuses I found afterwards, I continued seeking advice and looking for a possible cause for my coolant temperature gauge not working “after” being worked on at the above mentioned auto repair center, repeated run arounds, denials, etc [not to mention work not required, see prior entries]. I finally got the coolant gauge to work myself, after installing a new temperature coolant sending device myself, and spotting a loose wire [caused by them] between the firewall [coming from the coolant temperature gauge] and a matching connection [male to female connection] I could not see, but fished around between the firewall and the engine block until I felt the loose matching wire and made the connection. It’s still working perfectly three days later. I also flushed the cooling system and replaced the thermostat prior to fixing the connection. Why could’nt AOK have done this after ripping me off for the unneccessary work they performed? They had to have known or had an idea of the cause, having worked there before, and being a state certified repair and emmissions facillity! I was told that this is not an uncommon practice for many garages now, no doubt caused by people keeping their cars longer for ecconomic reasons. I plan on joining a motor club that gaurantees repair work at facillities endorsed/recommended by them. It appears the only way for consumers to fight back as some state and local governments look the other way to save face etc. I’m on disabillity, [a bad back being one of my infirmities], so I guess they took advantage of that, and several other factors. The good news is the problem is evidently solved, the bad news is I’m out of $500+, and no one has been held accountable. Time to move on, live and learn! Join a reputable nationwide motor club that backs up all repair work of it’s members cars, no matter the year, cosmetic blemishes, etc others use to their advantage! I am also grateful to Ripoff Scams for their efforts and website. I highly reccomend giving them any support that you can, to keep this site open and free! Some can, some can’t, some won’t. I plan on finding a way to help, if not financially now because of other problems needing my attention presently, word of mouth, etc is a great way to say thank you! Bob [Elishama] West Haven, ConnecticutU.S.A.

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