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Published: 21 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

I hired Adam Sudbury and Apellie Legal in Orlando to help me through the complicated process of obtaining a home that was in foreclosure. Attorney Sudbury was honest up front that it was a difficult process and our chance of success was less then 50%. I paid a retainer of $1195 to start the process. In my opinion over the 3 months following, Attorney Sudbury was less then responsive and put in very little effort to the process. After repeated requests, on September 7th, Attorney Sudbury agreed to write a letter to the bank holding the loan of the subject property, two months went by and I dont believe that anything was done. Repeated attempts to get an update I believe went completely unanswered. | On December 6th I finally recieved a response that he was “out of town” and would respond by the end of the week, | Twelve more days went by and on December 18th, I finally recoeved a response from Attorney Sudbury. He stated that on September 6th he had been called up to serve Guard duty and was gone for three weeks. He further stated that when he returned he had ‘heard’ from an unrelated third party that I had bought another house so he assumed i was no longer proceeding with what I hired him for. At no point did he try and contact me during that time. He used his three week absense to explain over two months of unresponsiveness!! Further, attached was an additional bill asking me for even more money! When I wrote back to attorney Sudbury stating that his excuses for in my opinion doing nothing and attempting to charge me for it were not acceptable, | When I stated that I would share my exprience that I had with his law firm online, Attorney Sudbury responded with the following message. “Your threat to publicize a negative review of me as a professional unless we refund you money constitutes felony criminal extortion under Florida law (see attached) and if you follow through on this threat, I will initiate a criminal complaint against you for felony extortion.” | In my opinion, this was an insanely unprofessional response to squelch my first amendment rights to share what is in my opinion to be a lawyer and a law firm that everyone should beware of before retaining. It is my belief that I was treated unfairly and that my money was taken with absolutly nothing credible in return but excuses and inflated billing to justify the request for more funds.

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