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Published: 15 June 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I’ve paid nearly $16K in three installments to have an application built by Appbury and still have not received a fully completed app. The original project had a set completion date of early January 2014 or 10 weeks after my contract was initiated. However this project is now going on 6 months without so much as a clear direction in site on completion. This project has been plagued by a number of issues that has totally escalated out of my control with no resolution in site. The First Issue I had with this company related to the design of the App. I had been working “Rachel Simmons” who was named the “Project Manager” assigned to this job. Over the course of a 3-4 week period Rachel on behalf of Appbury sent me several designs for the app that were inconsistent with what I originally communicated in the Scope of Work (SOW) document. The problems with the designs became so rampant that I had to physical design the application myself telling Appbury to adhere specifically to my finalized designs asking them to not make any deviations going forward. The Second Issue came when the Appbury sent me a supposed usable mock-up of the app. Throughout my experience working with the app I found there to be several functionality errors that needed to be addressed. I wrote a full report of all the errors that were discovered and sent it back to Appbury for corrections. Another few weeks had past and I received another mock-up of the application and I noticed that some of the same errors that I called Appbury out on previously were still in existence. The Third Issue came about when it was time to integrate the data that I asked to have included in the app. Initially I was told that the data would be integrated in phases and once one phase was completed they would move immediately to the next phase of the data integration. However this never happened and I was told by “Rachel Simmons” that the data that I wanted in the app (that was also detailed in my original Scope of Work document) would result in “manual work” and as a result would incur cost overruns of over $8,000 above the original price I agreed upon in my contract. As a result, I had to forego some of my original plans that were discussed in the initial conversations I had with Appbury concerning this Throughout my time of working with Appbury I was given three separate deliver dates for which this project was to be completed and all of those dates came and went without me receiving my finished application. I was given a multitude of different excuses as to why it was not completed and why the needed more time. After the last let down by this company I began doing my own research and I discovered that an individual by the name of Salman Ghaznavi had been linked to Appbury as well as several other “”Shell Companies”” responsible for defrauded consumers including: Avenuesocial, SocialJitney, Logo Bench, Branded Logo Designs, and Facebookster. It is interesting to know this because the voicemail box for the number I used to try and contact someone at the company appear to have been set-up for Avenuesocial rather than Appbury. Curiously enough this same individual Salman Ghaznavi, had been copied on every e-mail communication that I received from Appbury so I’m sure he was well aware of what was happening. There a number of other individuals who work for Appbury company who are in on this fraud including: Amir Pasha, Farzan Hai, Shen Mak, Shoaib Shoukat, Ghufran Ahmed, Ellie Watson, Khurram Amanullah, Nabeel Ameed, Usman Siddiqui, Muhammad Nadeem, Mohsin Nagaria, and someone who goes by the alias of “”Rachel Simmons”” After a number of delays back and forth I asked for refund and Appbury has flat-out refused stating that they would only give me a 50% refund spread-out in payments over a 5 month period. .

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