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Published: 12 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

We had planned to buy a horse from Becky at the beginning of October. We put deposit down and everything was subject to vet check/ PPE. It was noted that we put the deposit down and when we picked her up, we paid for the horse and shpuld there be any medical/vet problems, she would take the horse back. She passed PPE, but was noted by vet that she had girth itch/funal bacteria along the girth area. We got her home and began riding her. The alleged “girth itch” had gottten worse and had now become open sores and raw flesh. The bumps were large and spreading all over. We became concerned and finally had our vet come out and see what was going on. | She took skin scrapings and hair to send to the lab to see what this actually was. When the results came back, she was diagnosed with a disease called Blastomycosis, which is an infection caused by the fungal organism Blastomyces dermatidis. The disease usually results in respiratory infection; however, the organism can cause disease in many body tissues including the eyes, skin, reproductive tract, and bones. Blastomycosis is a serious disease that can be fatal. | We contacted Becky explaining what had happened and the horror of the skin disease out horse now had, and all she said is that she would take it back on consignment. She flat out said that she wouldnt take the horse back and that her daughters horse had it and they treated it and it went away. | It has been two weeks now and it is hardly looking better and the treatment cost is outrageous. She has no concern for the horse that came off of her property of concern for the other animals where this horse is now stabled. She has scammed us for out money (we knew we were paying more than the horse was worth, but she had great potential and a great attitude. everything seemed to be working out so nicley until we got her home), she is now saying she wont take the horse back, and if she does take it back, it will be on consignment for her to scam other people and make even more money!

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