Apple Creek Farm

Apple Creek Farm

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Published: 08 February 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!! DO NOT BUY HORSES FROM THIS FARM OR THESE PEOPLE. If i could rate this farm a zero i would. These people are liars and falsely advertise horses. They specifically market horses for junior riders and then sell dangerous horses to unsuspecting buyers. Because they are this lovely mother and daughter team they immediately gain your trust because what mother would sell a dangerous horse for a child. They will. Once you come to realize the horse is not appropriate for your child they say they will take it back and give you 50% credit towards another one of their horses which convienently there is nothing in that price range forcing you to spend more money or go down a different path. They have resorted to selling horses under the daughters name Taylor Wyman because the mother Becky Peckham also known as Becky Shapiro also known as Becky Accord is known in the horse world as a complete scam artist who learned all the tricks of the trade from Strain Farms. They have also Changed the name of the farm several times. Please do your research as we did not. You will find countless reports of people being ripped off and scammed. DO NOT BUY HORSES FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

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