Apple Unlimited owned by Dave Apple

Apple Unlimited owned by Dave Apple

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Published: 22 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

If you’ve heard about Apple Unlimited through an app such as indeed jobs or snagajob, simply scroll on by without a second thought. I went to an interview because I have been looking for a job in chesapake for two months with no luck. The first thing that I found suspicious about the office was that there is no sign on the building it is contained in advertising it’s location. Being as desperate as I am to find a job, I was willing to overlook this questionable oversight of regular business practices. I was interviewed by the president of the branch, Dave Apple, who is rumored to be a drug addict who consistantly engages in the sexual harassment of his female employees. The first interview was great, and it seemed to me an opportunity that was almost too good to be true, especially for somebody who is worried about paying for college such as myself. Dave Apple personally told me that I would be a good candidate for his management training program, which can offer at a minimum of four months training a chance at a $1000 dollar a week management program after which you can “own your own business in less than 6 months.” I went ahead and scheduled a second interview to learn more. This is where it got interesting. The next morning I showed up for a second interview and Dave Apple personally pulled I and another applicant into a conference room where we were expected to stand for an hour and a half and write notes about his presentation on clipboards. He began describing his business model by firstly by DRAWING A TRIANGLE on the dry erase board. After this, I became convinced that the business was nothing more than a pyramid scheme, but I listened intently and continued to take notes anyway. Dave described how the law of averages dictates that you are guaranteed to sell a certain number of cans of FW1 waterless car wax in the field, and how his main business strategy is to guilt the buyer into an impulsive decision by making them think they’re missing out on a great opportunity. In reality, this is actually the strategy that Dave uses to hire all of his employees, telling them they’ll be managers of the company in six months and lying about the INCREDIBLE sales records of his employees, who have to go out to gas stations and grocery stores every day and practically beg people to buy their product in the hot sun for 8 hours because they work on a 100% commission pay plan. The worst part is, this guy will make you believe him by feeding you sweet, delicious, statistically based lies designed to trick you into thinking that all of this huge scam is true and that if you sell, then train, then run your own branch of the company by hiring five new employees yourself you’ll be making a 6 figure salary in a year or less, when in reality you’ll be standing at gas stations under the sun for 12 hours a day a mandatory 6 days a week making s**t money with nothing to show for it and no time to apply for another job. DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES. Dave Apple is a manipulative sociopath and if you’re a student hurting for money, looking for a good opportunity and a way to support yourself and your family then you are the one that is the most vulnerable to this kind of trap. This man wasted time that I could’ve spent looking for a legitimate job trying to brainwash me into investing 60 hours a week of my time into a pyramid scheme, and I almost believed him. It absolutely is too good to be true, this guy would’ve essentially had me quit school to invest myself in his waste of time “company” and felt not an inkling of guilt or remorse. B.I.H. Dave Apple, I’m going to have a lot of fun wasting your time the same way you wasted mine.

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