Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric

Applewood Plumbing Heating & Electric

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Published: 30 March 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

You wrote a review for applewood plumbing heating & electric one hour ago 1.0 star rating 11/18/2017 ceo john ward, i wanted to inquire about the very high price i paid for the plumbing work at my home. I’m a retired contractor five year’s to date. General contractor 40 year’s. I have never over charged my customer’s and always had repeat satisfied customer’s. Alex todorov was very professional and did an excellent job. The main street valve going out to the street would not shut water completely off. He replaced the valve by cutting off the old 1″ copper pipe installed new ball valve. 1/2 hour charged $ 557.46 copper pipe + ball valve let’s just say material 57.46 don’t you think 1,000.00 an hour is ridiculous ? I needed my tub faucet’s replaced. I cut the ceramic tile eight pieces and drywall out so when he arrived he would be able to start working right away. As it was 6:00 p.M. He also said he would have cut a round circle in the tile for the round excusion trim plate. He also said that would cost $300.00 Really ). He charged us $1,532.00 Material cost delta faucet around $160.00 plus copper pipe material cost $232.00. He worked from 7:00 p.M. Till 10:00 p.M. 3 hr.’s. $500.00 an hour ! 3 1/2 hour’s labor at $ 2,000.00 approximately $571.00 an hour. I wish i could have charged that much an hour when i was working. | Alex talked me into an additional $ 198.00 membership to save a whopping 15%. One year ago we called out your technician to fix our furnace did an excellent job and a reasonable price. That is why we thought we could trust your company again. I understand your technicians work on a commission base only? Do you really condone your technicians to charge these high triple price’s ? I hope you can adjust our bill down to a reasonable cost. I would like a refund. I wanted to make you aware of what is being charged to your customer’s so your technicians can make a higher profit ! i will wait for your reply and hopefully a reasonable refund. Other wise i will contact the colorado attorney general, bbb, News, linked, yelp, vfw, senior center, i will send cc of this e-mail. I hope this can be avoided. Sincerely, mr. & mrs. Ray a, | I can’t believe you have apple wood plumbing on your referral list. I talked to amy at apple wood their so called manager. Listened to her excuses why they charge a flat fee and so called High caliber services) the triple prices they charge. But she said we don’t over charge customers. She first offered 10% off then 20% off and i told her she was still over charging me but she wouldn’t refund any more. The national average plumbers price per hr. Is $278.00 they charge well over $570.00 an hour. Ray and still they are on your referral list. Check out yelp, pissed consumer, angis list, , bird eye, city grid, city search has alot of pissed off customers. How long will this company going to rip people off! especially Senior’s like my wife and i ?) when i get done with the colorado attorney general we will find out after i give results to the new’s media. 10:48am ray 10:48am ray 10:48am

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