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Appraisal E-Tech

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Published: 18 January 2021

Posted by: Anonymous

This is the worst appraiser I have ever had to deal with. He should have his license revoked. He is also a Licensed Real Estate Broker. | We hired this appraiser to appraise a home. He was very confused and kept contacting the agents several times for information that the appraiser should be taking care of. Once he even called a 9 pm on a Friday night, the appraisal was due the previous Thursday. We thought maybe it was his first appraisal, but were shocked to learn he has been licensed for many years. | Besides having a hard time with basic appraisal procedures he also failed to use the newest and most relevant comparable, that was sold just weeks prior and most closely matched the type and style of the home being appraised. Even using an average of the comps he used, he made a mathematical error and valued the home lower than any of the comps. The home being appraised just had 30k in upgrades completed. While none of the other homes used as comparable had recent updates. No Value was added for the improvements | Its unfortunate we needed another appraiser to value the property properly to get the transaction completed. It’s no wonder someone who is a failed Real Estate Broker and an appraiser that foreclosed on his own property at 39 Matisse Court in Oakley CA would end up costing hard working individuals more time and money not to mention stress, due to his clear incompetency. | If you ever need an appraisal don’t use this guy or his company. If your lender assigns him, call and cancel it is not work the risk of listing 500.00 and possibly an entire real estate transaction.

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I get no response from these people. Very poor service. If you have a problem they are done with you, Previous Review Next Post Coming.


I too feel I was ripped off when I responded to the tv ad for this product. I could have written a couple of the reports that I have

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