April Rose

This druggy mother, April is the worst woman

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Published: 23 July 2017

Posted by: George R. Bello

April Rose is a druggy lazy ass mother, who has a beautiful little daughter but cares nothing about her. April is a single mother, she sleeps around with men, only because she wants them to pay for her. She makes men her wallet, she is physically fit and is able to pursue any job she’s want, she looks beautiful, but she is so damn lazy that she does not want to do anything, neither for herself nor for her daughter. This little one, her daughter is so adorable, she see’s her mother all lazy and motivates herself to work. Such a little sweetheart. But this ass, does nothing, literally. The taxes that the government collects, she lives on that, why should people be working hard to support this person, who does not even deserve to be supported. Please all you guys out there, be careful of this woman, she will only live on your money and use all of it. She won’t pay back anything, but thrive on your wallet, literally! She does not deserve to be treated like a princess, which men do all because of her good looks. Please don’t, she is cruel. Very cruel!! She will use you and throw you away like garbage, she has druggy friends and she makes her daughter stay up late at night and smokes infront of her little child, making her insane. What a crappy mother!

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