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They are very expensive, time-consuming and failed to deliver the work on time.

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Published: 03 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I usually have a habit of grinding my teeth at night. So I decided to get myself a custom-fitted mouthguard from the Aptos Dental Care. Custom mouthguards are individually designed and made in a dental clinic based on the instruction of your dentist. After a few suggestions from my near ones, I decided to choose Aptos Dental Clinic for this work.

I will never come back to Aptos Dental clinic for any of my dental treatments. This is only because of a few good reasons that I am going to share. At first, I made an appointment with the dentist on a phone call, I was kept on hold for 20 minutes and then finally the receptionist allotted me a specific date and time. I reached the clinic before my allotted time and found out that the doctor was still busy with the patient, the time allotted to me was useless, and they kept me waiting for another half an hour. At last, it was my turn, no sooner I entered the room I praised him a ‘good evening sir.’ There was no response from the doctor as he was busy with his laptop. I was standing there for another 15 minutes until he told me to sit. I told him about my problem and requested him for taking the impressions and measurements of my teeth. He was then busy finding the equipment for the same and it took him so long that it was just about to leave, he then took out his equipment’s and took the measurements of my teeth, the mouth guard was then molded and I was told to wait outside the room until the molding was done. After sitting there for another half an hour the receptionist informed me that the material used for moulding is not available at the moment, so she fixed another appointment with the dentist after two days.

I went back again to the clinic to see the doctor but before entering his room I was charged for seeing the doctor again. This was not at all expected because it has been their fault with the material missing and they were the one who fixed another appointment. However, she (the receptionist) didn’t allow me to enter the room until I paid the money. I finally paid the money and got inside the dentist’s room. My mouth guard was made but I noticed that the mouth guard was falling from my mouth because it was loose and didn’t fit my teeth’s perfectly as it could not hold on with my teeth for even a minute. I complained about this to the dentist, to which he answered that the guard will soon fit perfectly after a maximum of 24 hours hold.

I came back home and it’s been a week now but the guard loosens itself and falls. I then had to order another night guard from some other dental clinic. I was very much disappointed with the work of the Aptos Dental Clinic. I would rather suggest a better place to get your treatment done correctly.

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