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Aqua Finance Bill Pay Extortion

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is just extortion. They are not clearing me of what exactly my payment charges are. When am I paying? Why are my Charges going up? All of a sudden? I have been paying their charges for three months now and still added debt of $300 extra than my principal amount. The deductions that have incurred in my account. Where did it go to? Not received the money or is it that they have received the money, but that stay still they are extorting me.

I know that my interest rates are high because I do not have a very good credit rating. But if I have to be this high prices, then definitely I would have been better off with my credit card. I could have easily created through my credit card and not in Cut such you charges the statement that these send me do not include what my principal amount is. What are my interest rates? When is it being charged? Nothing? No information is provided. I mean I have made payments using my bank account over phone. Last payment I made Was in February after which I have stopped making any payments and also informed my bank not to make any payments to them. First of all, I will get this sorted then only I will pay them if required I would take legal counselling, but I’m not going to be one single penny before that. I have been calling them asking them to provide me a resolution asking them to send me my information so that I can be clear but no nobody is paying me any attention. So it definitely State legal help. I do not. Recommend this service to anybody not even to my worst enemy.

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