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Aquamarine Jewelers Fraud

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Published: 11 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

This is another fraudulent business and Running a scam of sorts. They do not pay attention to details nor do they pay attention to the requirements of the customers. I had to go through a lot of stress just to find out that whatever I paid for would not be enough and for anything extra. I would have to pay extra amounts. I am okay with that. But what about the Instructions that Give or earlier when I put down the down payment for the ring. This is my engagement ring and I wanted it to be special two sets are to be made and Each set would have a different kind of appearance. I gave them every single detail. I even Drew what I required. What more can I give them? Moreover I am not sure of the quality because the standard international marks are missing definitely so I’m finding it shady and I took it to a different shop and found the Gold was not all o fthe carat quality that I was promised. I am a little skeptical when it comes to precious metal and Stones because a lot of fraudulent activities are being conducted on these grounds these days and just because we are not aware of these we are being scammed. Yes, definitely. I had to pay extra every single time and that is again type of scam you can say because all these hidden charges were not Inform To me before Also that they would charge the rates that would be on the day. I get it delivered and not on the day. I ordered which I specifically requested. So I’m not sure how much I can trust them. But yes, let’s see since I’ve made a deal with them so I had to go through it. So had to pay extra for low quality product.

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