ARA Canone Rescue Alley's Angels

ARA Canone Rescue Alley's Angels

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Published: 25 September 2020

Posted by: Anonymous

Worst Rescue experience I’ve ever had to dealt with. Was approved a month prior to visiting a 6 week old puppy and was very excited to meet this fella. So we drove from Orange County to Apple Valley where this shelter is located and we got to meet the little guy. I was so excited I’d be taking him home but unfortunately that night I got a call from Heidi, apparently she is on the Board of Directors for this rescue and she mention to me that I would not be allowed to adopt him because I have a son under 5 and that husky are not very kid friendly dogs! I was shocked and even more so after telling her I was going to consult a dog trainer, so it wouldn’t be a worry’ but she was adamant that they would not adopt us this dog. I was beyond angry. I drove over 200 miles to visit this puppy to be denied after being approved. It makes you think if they even read the application when you apply because I clearly stated four year old boy. On top of that I wanted to visit the bigger dogs and was shocked to find them all kenneled up in a cages about 3ft x 4ft wide in a section to the right of there house, boarded by white vinyl fencing. The fencing must have been 20ft width and 25ft in length. Why such a big area to have these grown dogs ranging from 6 months to 2 years confined in such small cages, I was amazed. Also upon walking in, I looked at several of the dogs bowls and they were empty, some lacking water. Laura who volunteers at the rescue took notice that I saw and grabbed a hose and was like, hey let’s fill these up.. I didn’t pay her any attention because I wanted to do some more observing so I went off and began to touch the dogs. There was about 9 dogs and they were very excited to see me as if no one pays them any attention. I took my time to try and spend time with all of them and got to visit with four of them until I came upon a fifth. I began to touch her like the other dogs but immediately released as I felt a big rough patch of skin on the side of her head. It wasn’t immediately noticeable but I wasn’t expecting it and the dog ran out of the kennel. This irritated Laura and she no longer allowed me to finish up the visit with the other dogs. We got him back in the kennel and I asked, ” Is that mange?” She responded, ” no it’s not its fly bites.” So I immediately put it together, the four dogs prior that I visited had matted fur and were a bit dirty, I assume that these dogs aren’t showered unless an appointment is made to visit them in hopes of adoption. Fly bites on a dog aren’t normal, I’ve owned a total of 8, my dogs have never experienced anything like the pain that dog must be suffering. Well before I left I mentioned I feel bad for those dogs stuck in those cages all day in the heat. Laura and Heidi responded with, “oh it ok don’t feel bad, they have misters that spray them down.” Heads up’ I didn’t see any misters or maybe I wasn’t looking hard enough!

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