Arash Shirdel an Orange County Attorney & Carlos Padilla III Sued For 40 Million Dollars For Fraud On The Courts, Actual Fraud Mail Fraud and Defamation

Arash Shirdel an Orange County Attorney & Carlos Padilla III Sued For 40 Million Dollars For Fraud On The Courts, Actual Fraud Mail Fraud and Defamation

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Published: 12 March 2021

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Law Suit Excerpts In The County Superior Court System Jakubaitis vs Arash Shirdel and Carlos Padilla III for 40 Million Dollars in Damages A 40 Million Dollar Law Suit Has Been Filed Against Arash Shirdel a relatively new Orange County Iranian Attorney from Santa Ana, and His Client Carlos Padilla III of Garden Grove, California. The suit filed by a Frank Jakubaitis, alleges 6 causes of actions to include Defamation, Fraud, Mail Fraud, & Fraud On The Courts, Intentional infliction of emotional distress, and Intentional interferance with perspective economic gain. The 177 page complaint alleges amongst other things that Shirdel, an attorney, is guilty of lieing to Superior Court Judge Monroe on numerous occasions, and filing false written statements under the penalty of perjury, to include the United States Bankruptcy Court, whereby Shirdel made false statements that Jakubaitis owned a corvette that he was intentionally hiding from the Bankruptcy trustee along with 4 Million Dollars that was apparently being hidden by Jakubaitis as alleged in the court files by Shirdel. According to the bankruptcy docket, the Trustee and the US Trustee apparently never found these alleged items since there is no further mention by either party. None of Padilla’s cases were ever actually heard in court, they are simply defaut judgements. It appears then that the company funds for the defense against Padilla’s suits has dried up. A common tactic used by attorneys who have no case. What is interesting to note though is two unrelated cases between Padilla and Jakubaitis where they were heard by a judge, and a jury, Padilla lost both. The State Case filed by Padilla has 17,876 pages filed by Shirdel and 34 causes of action. Jakubaitis is not Michael Jackson. The damage law suit filed by Jakubaitis asks for 40 Million Dlollars in Damages and there are evidenciary attachments to fully support the complaint aginst Shirdel and Padilla and the writings from what I have read. Its a long story but very believable. Jakubaitis further alleges in the complaint that Padilla disclosed confidential business trade secrets after he was fired and brought the information to Shirdels associates who opened up a duplicate enterprise from Shirdels office a week later. Further, Shirdel ran this entity from his law office for a full year using Shirdels business partner and former client Milton C Ault as the CEO of, later named hosted by an entire group of Shirdels friends. Less Milton C Ault III since he was sued by FINRA. Jakubaitis apparently fired Padilla III for cause, and then accordingly Padilla, Shirdel and a slew of “does” began a smear campaign on the Internet to damage both Jakubaitis, his innocent wife and the Company, all out of nothing more than sour grapes. Finally, from what I have seen in the docket, Shirdel cannot or apparently has failed to prove up anything in his default judgements. He attempts to shore up what is lacking with dramatic terms. But this is a civil matter, and since his default judgments are lacking any proof whatsoever, I liken this to the boy who cries wolf when none exists. Jakubaitis’ complaint contains strong evidence, this issue should bring about an interesting result for Shirdel as a lawyer, and Padilla who is described as a story teller.. Look at it this way Shirdel, Padilla fired, letuscosign, Shirdel is a realtor Shiirdels friends and associates now in charge of in Vegas, the company they stole from Jakubaitis and it looks like Shirdel is just trying to fade the heat as a realtor, save his a*s because when this comes out both he and Padilla are in this up to their necks “a blind rat can see this one coming……….

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